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Worst thing someone said while having sex?

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  • Worst thing someone said while having sex?

    I recall two instances of "worst things" being told to me while in mid-stroke somewhat recently. One was from the 34-year old Latina I was dating prior to the current gf. And the other was with a different younger woman who I was on and off with over an extended period of time. And they are both a "tie" in terms of "worst thing" being said to me. Here you go - and remember this was mid-stroke while having unprotected sex:

    1) "I'm not on birth control anymore."
    My response - "You are telling me this NOW????"

    2) "I'm not taking any more of those Plan B pills."
    My response - "But I just bought a whole case of them, so just take one this one last time, okay?"

    Obviously everything worked out fine because there are no small children running and screaming around me as I type this, nor are there any paternity lawsuits pending, nor do I have puss-filled pimples or warts on me.

    And yes - I know the risks associated with having unprotected sex ... thank you!!!

    So what is the WORST THING someone has said to you while you were having sex???

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    "That steak sub ... oh God ... I gotta poop !"


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      Originally posted by Urban Cowboy View Post
      "That steak sub ... oh God ... I gotta poop !"
      Well at least she did not poop (or fart) in bed. Either would be really bad ...