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Walking Out on an Online Date with No Explanation

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  • Walking Out on an Online Date with No Explanation

    One of my creepier male friends is giving online dating a try. When I say "creepier", he is age 50 and has a complexion problem ... and he has traditionally been sort of a bottom-feeder in terms of who he dates. [Most of his girlfriends have been what I would call either skanks or white trash.]

    Your next question is - why am I friends with this guy? Because we grew up together - have known him since I was age 10 or so.

    This guy has resisted online dating for quite some time BUT he has not had a girlfriend in roughly a year ... and so he has a case of blue balls. He's on POF which I specifically advised against ... because when I was on that site, there seemed to be a lower quality of people on there. Actually, now that I think about it - POF is perfect for him. ha ha

    Anyway, he apparently went out on his first real online date this past week, and the woman left him sitting at the table at the restaurant. Said she had to go to the bathroom, and walked right out of the door ... she fled the date.

    I don't know exactly what my friend said to her. He has been known for being direct in the past. He'd be the type to email penis pics, etc. He said the date lasted for all of maybe 5 minutes. When I asked him exactly what he said to her, he just said that they were just starting to talk, that's all. But he might be lying to me.

    Anyway, he asked me if I've ever had an online date walk out on me, and my answer was "NO - never."

    Have you ever had someone walk out on you with no explanation? It seems like a pretty rude thing to do - and I would personally never do that to a woman ... but I'm really fucking polite.

    Or maybe the question is - would you ever walk out on someone with no explanation whatsoever? What would make you do that? Another question is - what is the threshold or line that would be crossed for a woman to do that? Is it a high bar, or a low bar or ??? Do you think it had more to do with his appearance, or something he said??? Or both??? I'm guessing he said something too direct to her ... but I don't know for sure.

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    Yes, I have ... twice ... both for the same reason ... the women were so engrossed in her iCrap that she would barely acknowledge my presence.

    So afraid she'd miss a friends' post about a "Cat Haz Cheezbrgr!" or some other nonsense that she passed the opportunity to converse with
    someone face-to-face. So I got up and found the waitress, paid her for the meal thus far (drinks/apps) and left.

    Those women might still be sitting there at their respective venues, were it not for the devices' batteries eventually needing a charge ...