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  • The Open Relationship

    So I was at the wedding of a family member of the Klingon Latina this past weekend, and was introduced to one of her best female friends. This female friend was a very hot early 40s Latina (Mexican, to be specific) - and her date was this guy (age 50) who I had been told beforehand had been dating her off-and-on for 10+ years.

    At one point during the evening, I found myself at a table with this couple - and I mentioned that I had heard they have been dating for 10+ years. "Not really", the guy said ... he then explained to me that they had an "open relationship", and can date whoever they want. He then proceeded to tell me that he goes out to clubs every weekend, and dates whoever he wishes. My eyes darted over to his date - as I was expecting to see a jealous, Latina reaction ... but nothing. She just sat there, with a normal look on her face.

    A short while later, I connected with my Klingon Latina girlfriend - and described the above conversation to her. And she said, yes - that was all correct. She said her friend does not take that guy very seriously ... that she just hooks up with him for sex. Then my girlfriend said to me, "Is that the kind of relationship you want with me?" I said, "If that is what you want, then sure." ... and then I got the crazy Latina reaction from her that I had expected to see earlier from her friend. "Noooooo!!!!!", she said. ha ha

    While I have dated multiple women at the same time in the past ... I have never been in an overtly open relationship, as is the case with this couple I met at the wedding. That conversation with them almost gave me a creepy vibe - like with those who ***** ... and so that is when I left the table.

    Is it better to have a discussion about making a relationship OPEN? Or (if you are so inclined, or in that phase, or in midlife crisis, or some combination thereof) to just date multiple people without saying a word??? My experience has been that the less that is said, the better ... !