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     • Leslie Lopez named Woman of the Month for October 2016
     • WOMEN'S VIEW PAGE - feedback from women

     • How to Electronically Spy on Your Cheating Lover
     • What Your Penis Says about Your Life Expectancy
     • What Is The Average Penis Size?
     • Study Finds Women Don't Care About Men's Penis Size
     • Drinking Coffee Helps Prevent Erectile Dysfunction
     • 8 Foods for Thicker Stronger Hair
     • Men with Prostate Issues Should Avoid these Cold Medicines
     • 12 Natural Ways to Make Healthy Sperm
     • Taking Probiotics May Lower Your Blood Pressure
     • Does Your Groin Smell?
     • What to Do about Your Bad Breath?
     • Dogs Sniff Out Prostate Cancer
     • Some ADHD Meds Cause Prolonged Erections
     • Being Overweight May Harm Men's Semen Quality
     • Could You Tell if You Are Having a Heart Attack?
     • Too Much Testosterone Linked to Shorter Life Span
     • Men Seek Testosterone Quick Fix with Risks
     • Twenty-five Percent of Men Fake Orgasms
     • Your Guide to the New Healthcare Markets in 3 Minutes
     • 5 Things to Know about Obamacare Premiums
     • Six Surprising Libido Boosters
     • Have ED? Try Losing Weight
     • More Single Dad's than EVER Head US Households
     • Painful, long-lasting Erections Send 10,000 Men to Hospital Each Year
     • Anthony Weiner Case - Why We Act on Stupid Impulses
     • Six Ways to Rev Up Your Love Life
     • Gandolfini's Sudden Death All Too Ordinary
     • Sauna Visits Lower Sperm Count
     • Heavy Use of Pain Pills Increases Risk for E.D.
     • Chronic Conditions and Medications that can Cause Sexual Dysfunction
     • The Virility Diet - No Blue Pill Needed, just eat these foods
     • Baldness Linked to Coronary Heart Disease
     • Sauna Visits May Lower Sperm Count
     • Men Get Osteoporosis, too - but Don't Know It
     • Extreme Sports When Over 40 Lead to Extreme Injuries
     • Stress and Anxiety Linked to Low Sperm Quality
     • Tips for Treating Excessive Sweating
     • Controlling Anxiety: When Your Feelings Hurt You
     • Buying Your Own Health Insurance Will Never Be the Same
     • Q&A: Health Insurance Exchanges will Transform Market
     • Why Do Some Men Get Grouchier as they Age?
     • You Can Literally Throw your Negative Thoughts Away
     • Testosterone & Viagra Combo Not Necessarily Better for E.D.
     • Six Scary Times for Your Heart
     • 50 Holiday Foods You Should Not Eat
     • Super Foods that Fight Colds
     • Researchers Develop Prototype for Male Birth Control Pill
     • Contraception Could be Free Under Health Care Law
     • Common Pain Killer Linked to Repeat Heart Attack or Death
     • Testosterone Marketing Frenzy Draws Skepticism
     • Antioxidants Tied to Sperm Quality in Older Men
     • How to Banish Your Man Breasts
     • Hair Loss Drug Linked to Severe Depression in Men
     • Tips to Boost a Fading Libido
     • 11 Things that Can Deflate Your Erection
     • Male Menopause - Myth or Reality?
     • Smoking and Drinking May Not be Bad for Sperm Counts
     • What You Need to Know about STD Treatments and Symptoms
     • Gene Discovery Could Lead to Birth Control Pill for Men
     • Panel Recommends No More Routine PSA Tests for Men
     • Eating Spicy Foods May Help Your Heart
     • Testasterone May Help Some Heart Patients
     • Study Raises Hope for Potential Cure for Baldness
     • Last Will and Contempt - the Pain of being Disinherited
     • Tips to Boosting a Fading Libido
     • CDC Worried about Untreatable STD
     • Millions Now Manage Aging Parents' Care from Afar
     • Low T Depleting your Sex Life? Here's how to fix it ...
     • STDs Still Rising in the US
     • More Meds Mean More Risk of ED
     • Nine Conditions that Mimic Heartburn
     • Antidepressant Killing Your Libido? Not for Long
     • Doctors Predict Impotence After Prostate Cancer Treatment
     • Overcoming Bad Eating Habits
     • Conversation Tips from Charismatic Men
     • Men's Sex Problems can go Beyond Erectile Dysfunction
     • Grandpa is an Addict - Spike in Senior Drug Abuse
     • How to Beat the Summertime BBQ Belly
     • MANOREXIA Eating Disorder on the Rise, Experts Say
     • 8 Ways to Help Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
     • Who's Your Daddy? Over the Counter DNA Test
     • Are You Going Through Male Menopause?
     • Obesity Surgery Doesn't Help Older Men Live Longer
     • Eyebrows - Five Things Men Should Know
     • Your Allergy Meds May Be Making You Fat
     • Top 10 Hairstyles for Thinning Hair
     • Six Weird Signs that You Are Too Stressed Out
     • No Evidence Coffee Increases High Blood Pressure
     • Condom-based Viagra Nears Approval
     • Improve Your Sex Life with Horny Goat Weed
     • Hair Growth Drug Tied to Long-term Sexual Side Effect in Men
     • Foods for Better Sexual Health in Men
     • More Men Undergoing Face Lifts and Liposuction
     • The DO's and DON'T's of Sexting
     • Pot Use Mellows Men's Sexual Function
     • Salty Snacks Harm Your Heart in just 30 minutes
     • Shooting Blanks? Seven Surprsing Sperm Killers
     • Snore-busting Implant may get you more ZZZs
     • Delaying Sex makes Better Relationships? WTF?

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