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Types of Women

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Types of Women

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Types of Women - Party Girl

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A "party girl" is any woman who loves to party.  This can actually mean many things.  Some party girls love to just have a good time - which may or may not include drinking and/or having sex.  Others take

the drinking aspect of "party girl" to more of an extreme. Yet others will exhibit party girl tendencies without drinking too much or having excessive sex – like the girl who loves to go out salsa dancing two or three times each week.    Having a date or girlfriend who is a “party girl” is not necessarily bad – it really depends upon how YOU feel about how she acts.   Chances are that if you are bothered even a little by her party girl tendencies at first – then it will become more of a problem later on …  so keep that in mind!

I’ve dated a number of party girls.   The more recent was a nurse named Debi who was so much fun!   When she and I first started dating, I noticed that she could put away the drinks and hold her own.   And when I first had her over at my home, we wound up drinking a little too much - and then the situation erupted into a powerful sexual encounter which just floored me because I was so attracted to her.  For the year and a half or so that we dated, we had a great time together … although over time it started to become obvious that she drank just a little too much fairly consistently.   She wound up dumping me because I came down on her about her drinking several times toward the end – as her drinking had embarrassed me in several public situations.    For the record though, I absolutely loved Debi – and I would never have driven her away on purpose.  

Another type of party girl is the one who goes out dancing at clubs all the time – with or without her boyfriend.   One of my friends dated a woman like this – her name was Mayra.   Mayra was a mid 20s full-blooded Mexican who absolutely loved to salsa dance … and she was extremely good at it.   When Mayra danced, people often cleared the floor for her (just like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever).   My friend, Antonio, was absolutely in love with Mayra … and it did not seem to bother him that she went out dancing without him several times each week, often staying out until 2 or 3 a.m.   Sometimes he would go with her – but he could not dance like Mayra, and so many times he chose not to go just so she could have her fun.   Now me, personally – I would probably have had a problem dating a woman who went out without me that often … staying out that late.   I never heard any stories of her cheating on him – so maybe I’m just a little paranoid.   Those two remain together to this day – in fact, they got married last year.

As a midlife bachelor, you are less likely to encounter party girls who consistently stay out all night … as that is more typically found among younger women in their twenties.   [However, if you are in your forties or fifties and are dating younger women in their twenties, then you are a hero to the rest of us midlife bachelors … and I salute you.]   Most of the party girls in their late thirties or older are more likely to take their drinking and/or sex to excess … which can be a lot of fun.   Ultimately it is up to you as to whether you want to maintain a long-term relationship with a party girl.   This type of woman can be a lot of fun, so I suggest you at least explore them!

If you would like to see a real live party girl in action, check out my friend Jen from ...

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