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Woman of the Month - December 2007

Liz Claman

Liz ClamanLiz Claman

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If you’ve been monitoring our choices for Woman of the Month this year, then you have probably realized by now that the founder of is a news junkie.  December 2007’s selection is no exception to recent precedents – as Liz Claman, co-anchor of Fox Business, is this month’s choice.

Although I have personally dated a lot of hot Latina trophy women in the past, Liz Claman reminds me of a red headed girlfriend I had years ago … and who was really an awful lot of fun, if you know what I mean.  ;o)   From an appearance standpoint, I like Liz Claman because she has nice full red lips and because she dresses very conservatively, but at the same time the tops she chooses really show off her tremendous upper body attributes.   I watch Liz on the Fox Business Channel for half an hour each day or so at lunchtime, and I love the way she looks so serious as she reports what might otherwise be some pretty dull business-related stories.  She does appear to be a little bit too serious at times – and so I’m not sure if there really is a fun personality lurking underneath the hairspray and makeup.  [In contrast, when I watch last month’s Woman of the Month Gina Silva from Fox 11 LA report her various stories, I can definitely tell that she would be both charming and disarming in person … while with Liz, I’m not so sure.]   Regardless, Liz Claman is a hugely successful woman who belongs on the pedestal – and that is where we place her for the entire month of December.

Okay – here are some facts about Liz Claman.   She was born to Canadian parents on December 12, 1963 in Beverly Hills, CA.   She attended Beverly Hills High School, and then went on to UC Berkeley where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in French (huh?).  Liz got her start in the television industry as a production assistant for Paula Zahn at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles.  Her first on-air reporting job was at WSYX-TV in Columbus, OH.  Later she hosted a morning talk show on WEWS-TV in Cleveland, and then became weekend anchor at WHDH-TV in Boston.  In April of 1998, Liz started working for CNBC where she worked until leaving in July 2007.  In October 2007, she started working for Fox Business News … where we find her today.   In the daily timeslot that Liz occupies, she competes directly against one of our other previous Women of the Month, Maria Bartiromo.

Liz Claman is married to Jeff Kepnes, a CNN executive producer; they have two children together.  Liz is an active public speaker who has given speeches and moderated discussions regarding women and mothers in the workplace.  She also participates in the Big Brother/Big Sister program at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services of Manhattan.

In terms of a analysis of Liz, well we have to guess (as usual) because we do not personally know her.  She is obviously high maintenance (see Types of Women – High Maintenance) because she is exceedingly foo-foo … which means she looks like she spends a lot of time in a spa or salon.   [This isn’t bad, by the way.]   Because Liz Claman reports the news with such self-confidence, I am guessing that she is also The Boss (see Types of Women – The Boss) … which means my guess is that she likes to be in charge of everything.   She is also obviously a jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot) because she is a major national news figure with a huge income.   For fun, take a look at the other Types of Women we discuss in the Fundamental Truths about Women and Midlife Dating Today, and see what other categories Liz might fall under. If you'd like to see Liz Claman in action, check out this youtube video of her - and take note of the green sweater she is wearing ... particularly in the very beginning of the clip.

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