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September 9, 2007
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In fact, I had several bottles of Corona® beer in the refrigerator – plus I had the tail end of a bottle of Patron® Silver tequila in the cupboard … and so I asked him if he was interested in either or both of those.   I told him that I usually like to chase a shot or two of Patron® with a Corona® … and he thought that was a fantastic idea.  So I retrieved us each a beer – along with the near-empty bottle of Patron®.   Over the next half hour or so, we each had four shots of tequila … which effectively killed the rest of that bottle.   Now I was feeling no pain – and I since I wasn’t sure how much Rich had to drink before he got to my house, I didn’t know what was going on with him.  Anyway, I told Rich I had to go to the bathroom – and when I returned, I found Rich has on my kitchen floor, as shown below.

drunk buddy

I obviously blocked out Rich’s face from the photo in order to conceal his identity.   Rich was semi-conscious at this point – and the first thing that popped into my mind was “Oh no – I hope he doesn’t throw up” … and so I asked Rich the key question,

            “Hey Rich – would you like a bucket??"

And he said “Sure” … and so that is why you see a bucket in the photo.   Now Rich was becoming less responsive with each passing minute – and I started to think to myself,

           “What will Honeybunny say if she comes downstairs in the morning,
             and finds Rich passed out on the kitchen floor?”

My guess was that she would be extremely upset, and so I wisely decided to move Rich to the downstairs couch.   I also grabbed the bucket, and placed it strategically near the couch.

Now fortunately this is the end of the story.   Rich slept soundly and without incident on the couch – and did not make use of the bucket.  There was no mess in the downstairs bathroom, and the only real evidence of any wrong-doing was the man on my couch who was too hungover to get up before noon the next day.   Fortunately Honeybunny slept in – and barely ran into Rich.  No – she wasn’t happy but hey, what was I supposed to do?  All in all there really was no harm done – although I remained in the doghouse for about a week after this incident.   For me, the doghouse is HOME SWEET HOME!!!    Oh – to answer your next question … no, this sort of thing does not happen very often.  In fact, I cannot recall anything like this in probably ten or more years.

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