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November 10, 2007
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There are five parts to this short article:
            Filthy Introduction
            What Makes Such a Woman So Filthy?
            Her Ass
            Her Filthy Mouth
            How She Lives Her Life

Filthy Introduction
My friend’s girlfriend is a filthy woman.  She is, in fact, what I would call “perfectly filthy” because I could not imagine any woman to be more filthy than her.  She is not hot – no.  She is built like a cross between a Frigidaire and a truck driver … she is large and lumbering, with square shoulders, and a deep voice that is hoarse from years of smoking cigarettes.  Both her breath and her mouth are foul.  In terms of how she lives her life – well, I have heard others describe her with adjectives such as “white trash” or “skank”.

I know – that was one hell of an introduction.  I am not usually so judgmental of others … although I am what I would call a “labeler” which means that I typically assign a label privately to myself about people.  But this woman pushes me over the edge, and forces me to assign terrible labels.  If you met her and spoke to her for any length of time, then you would understand and most likely agree with the assessments I make here.

What Makes Such a Woman So Filthy?
To understand her filth, let me begin by first explaining how she met my friend.  [My friend, by the way, is also filthy – but he is not the subject of this article.  He has been my friend since we were small children.]  Several years ago, this woman and her husband showed up at my friend’s house, and to make a long story short – the three of them wound up in bed together.  I’m told that the woman’s husband brought her over to my friend’s house specifically so the husband could watch his wife and my friend have sex.  [No – I absolutely do not condone nor approve of this disgusting behavior.]   The story goes that she enjoyed my friend so much that she wound up leaving her husband for him … and the next thing I heard was that she and her two children had moved in with my friend.  Nice, huh?

To be clear – what I have just explained is technically “hearsay” because I certainly did not witness any of it myself … but that story has since been independently confirmed to me by both my friend and this woman.   Now this particular friend of mine – I visit him maybe once every six weeks or so … and since this woman and her children live with him, it was inevitable that I meet “it” and observe her filth first-hand.  Let me now describe what I have witnessed – so that you can get a feel for her filth.  The following data points are not in any particular order.

Her Ass
I already described her as a large woman … a cross between a Frigidaire refrigerator and a truck driver … so she is what some would call “husky” … or maybe “dude-like”.  Everything about her is large – including her ass.  [I am a fan of big asses – but not her big ass … stay tuned for why.]  This woman has an annoying personality – she insists to all male visitors to my friend’s house that “she is hot”.  I’ve heard her tell me that she’s hot at least several dozen times … and each time I just look at her without saying anything.  On two separate occasions in the past year, this woman has gone a diet – and after having lost ten or so pounds, she has exposed her bare ass to me at some point during my visit.   When I say “exposed her ass to me”, I mean that she has quite suddenly turned around, and pulled down her pants and underwear … and said something like, “look how much skinnier my ass is”.   Both times that she did this – I was seated on my friend’s couch … so I could not run away.  Both times I noticed that her ass was hairy … she had a visible layer of hair on her big ass.  The last time she pulled this stunt, I covered my eyes with my hands, and yelled, “MY EYES – I’M BLIND” so I think she received the message that I don’t find her ass interesting to look at.   That was just disgusting.   [Note to women with hairy asses – please get it waxed.]  Continued on next page >>>

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