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August 15, 2007
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Leaving the doctor’s office, I felt like my face was very hot.  My girlfriend went with me – and she said that it looked like the nurse really got me with the laser this time.  It took around twelve hours (overnight) for the bruising to develop – bruising occurs when the spider veins are destroyed by the laser … they become dark purple spots which take about a week to disappear.   Unlike the first time I had this done, the next day my face had kind of a bumpy texture to it – in conjunction with the bruising.   The bruising was also much more pronounced this time.  I believe this was due to the different settings of the laser that Nurse Tammy used.   You can see in the photos what my face looked like – those were taken roughly twenty-four hours after the treatment. The first photo was of the left-hand side of my face (previous page here) ,,, which appears to look a little bit more bruised than the right side (shown below).   It looks painful – but it doesn’t hurt.  It is probably more painful to look at!

Post Candella Vbeam Treatment - One Day Later

THE BOTTOM LINE – after the first treatment, I did a bunch of work-related traveling, … and a number of people who knew me previously said that I “looked different” … that I “looked better” … but when I asked what they meant, they couldn’t quite put their finger on what they were noticing.  I did wind up telling them that I had a bunch of spider veins removed – and they all said that made sense.   The only way to really notice is to take a very close look at someone before the laser procedure, and then again maybe ten days afterward.   The ultimate question though is – how long does the treatment last?  How long before the spider veins return?  Hopefully not for a while.  I will let everyone know once I know for sure how long these laser treatment last.  In the mean time, I am trying to stay out of sight until these bruises are all gone. 

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