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July 15, 2007
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Why do some women think the toilet is a trash can, and then wonder why it clogs up? 

I live with my girlfriend, and she has her own bathroom here … and so any maintenance issues that pop-up in that bathroom are related to something she does (since I do not use her bathroom).  Now in the past week, on two different occasions she has told me (as she was walking out the door to go to work) that the toilet was clogged, and could I please fix that before she gets home? Now I like to think that I am pretty handy around the house, and since I’ve fixed many a toilet in my day, I didn’t mind or think it necessarily odd that a toilet might clog up once in a while.   But after I fixed the toilet the first time – and then had a second clogging incident pop-up within a week … I started to ask myself “why is this happening?” 

I thought about what would cause HER TOILET to clog.  As a point of reference, I asked myself when was the last time that I, personally, clogged up a toilet?  The answer is – I don’t recall EVER having clogged up a toilet myself … at least not in the last five years.   And I use my own toilet (in my separate bathroom) a lot.  Now my girlfriend is a dainty little thing – not some elephant-size woman … you get where I’m going, right?  I’m trying to say that she is not laying any oversize eggs in the toilet in her bathroom.   She has also lived with me for several years – and has not had the toilet clog up in the past – so whatever is causing the repeated clogging must have something to do with what she has done recently, or is still doing.

In my younger years, I have seen women flush all kinds of things down the toilet.  Tampons, used condoms, cotton balls, etc.  I never had a problem with it before because it was never my toilet that all that stuff was being flushed down.   [Maybe tampons have always been flushed down my toilet – and I just haven’t been aware of it … after all, I don’t WATCH women when they use a bathroom in my house.]  My point – some unknown percentage of women seem to assume or presume that it is fine to flush a variety of different items down the toilet.

Back to the current situation.  After fixing her clogged toilet for the second time in one week, I asked her what exact new item or items she has been flushing down the toilet lately.   She says nothing really – the only thing she has been doing differently is that instead of using toilet paper all the time, she switched to some kind of medicated wipe as the grand finale when she is done.   Bingo – we have found the culprit.  This “medicated wipe” is intended to be used on the skin (not someone’s ass), and then thrown away in the trash can.  The fibers of the wipe are too strong for a toilet – they are not like toilet paper.  Putting these medicated wipes in the toilet is analogous to putting paper towels in the toilet, and then wondering why it clogs up.   So I carefully and politely explain all of this to Honeybunny – and believe the source of the problem is now resolved.  I tell her also that I have exhausted the limits of my clogged-toilet-fixing capability, and that further clogs will necessitate me calling a plumber to route out the pipes. Continued on next page >>>

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