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October 5, 2008
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Psycho Women who Become Psycho as a Consequence of Some Situation or Circumstance
Sometimes a woman might not be “psycho by default” – she might be psycho because of her own personal history … because of something in her past that affects her current actions and thoughts.  For example, I had a very hot Latina girlfriend named Regina who was psycho in the sense that she was extremely jealous at all times … and always thought that I was cheating on her (when I never, ever cheated on her).  The reason she was so suspicious was that her previous husband had cheated on her – and apparently he was pretty good at covering it up or explaining it away.   I was her first boyfriend after splitting up with him, and she was constantly going through my email, things around my house, pretty much everything in search of evidence that I was sleeping with other women.   She would throw a tantrum if she thought that I was talking too long to any woman AND she would also get jealous if I spent too much time away from her with my male friends (she would start calling me on my cell, or calling my friend’s homes, etc.).  She drove me absolutely nuts with this type of psycho behavior.  I did keep her around for several years, however, because she was totally hot – and we were really good together in bed.  Go figure.  My point – Regina was “situationally psycho” because of the recent past experience of her husband cheating on her.

Now just for fun, I’m going to illustrate situational psycho behavior by a man … a man who is dating one of my best female friends, Ana.  Ana is a smoking hot Latina – a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.  When Ana walks into a room, the whole place just stops and stares … you get the idea.  Well, for some number of months, Ana was seeing two different guys.  One guy, I’ll call him “Rod” (ha ha) – is essentially a very well-known playboy around town … really good-looking guy, always gets the hottest women, etc.  The other guy that Ana was seeing was an average-looking guy … but who owned his own company, and made huge money … so I’ll call him “Rich”.   Rich is a great guy, Rod is a male whore.  Ana was seeing both of them, and was unapologetic to either about what she was doing … and her seeing both of them lasted maybe three months.  Of course, things with Rod did not work out – because he was fooling around behind Ana’s back and she did not like that … and so Ana decided to date Rich full-time.  So now, of course, Ana is faced with Rich being totally psycho about Ana when she is not around – he calls her, texts her … always thinking that she is back in the sack with Rod.  Rich is constantly telling Ana that he loves her.  And he is constantly purchasing all sorts of expensive things for Ana.  All of this is driving Ana crazy – but she has only herself to blame.   My point here – psycho behavior can certainly occur as a consequence of things that happen in a relationship.  Ana is very lucky that Rich still wants to date her – I personally would have put my boot print on her ass a long time ago, if I was Rich.   Rich is 100% “situationally psycho” with Ana because she had blatantly cheated on him.

What To Do If Someone is “Psycho by Default” or “Situationally Psycho”?
What do you do if you find yourself dating a psycho woman?  You know – every relationship is different.  I’ve found, in general, that the more psycho a woman behaves, the better sex there is.  I think the trick is to try to channel that psychotic energy into the bedroom – and enjoy it as long as you can.  When I was younger, I kept psycho girlfriends around way too long – mostly because I was fixated on the hot sex.  Nowadays (at age 44) I’d say that I find psycho behavior much more difficult to tolerate for any length of time … I just don’t have the patience for it.  If you read another article I have here called “The One Night Stand at Midlife” – that article discusses the concept of “short shelf life relationships” … which means that as I’ve gotten older, I can tell rather quickly whether a woman is really going to annoy me.   And often that means cutting off a relationship within several dates … whether I’ve slept with her or not.

For you – the midlife bachelor … when a woman is psycho … you have to look at a number of variables:

  1. How long have you been dating her when the psycho behavior occurred?
  2. How bad is this psycho behavior?  Is it something you can tolerate?
  3. What happens if this type of behavior gets worse (which it often does)?
  4. Are the tradeoffs worth it?  In other words, is the sex really that good … or what is it that makes you want to continue to date this woman in spite of this behavior?

All of these factors also apply to women who are dating a psycho man.  The bottom line is only you can decide if a particular relationship is worth your time or not.

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