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The best way to reach us is through email. If you are not sure which email address to use, then email us at info@midlifebachelor.com    Below are all of our email addresses, and what they are for. If your message requests a response, we will do our best to get back to you in as timely a fashion as possible.  
  • ads@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this address for anything concerning advertising on midlifebachelor.com. You might also want to check our advertising page before you contact us concerning an ad.

  • news@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this address to let us know about news items you think we should report on our home page and/or our news page.

  • content@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this address to either submit an idea for content that you believe we could or should potentially include on this website. Remember that anything you submit to us automatically becomes the property of midlifebachelor.com, and that no compensation for your material will be given.

  • polls@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this address to recommend a new poll for our polls page, or to comment on existing polls.

  • forums@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this address to either volunteer as a moderator for our Midlife Discussion Forum message board, or to recommend a message board topic, or to comment on the topics on the forum.

  • questions@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this address ONLY to submit short questions that you want us to consider answering on ASK MIDLIFE BACHELOR. These questions usually concern midlife dating issues, but sometimes cover other topics. Any topic is fine. Your question needs to be short enough that both it AND a reasonable answer from us can fit on one page in the Ask Midlife Bachelor section. [If your question or issue is too long, you might consider posting it on the Midlife Forum here on midlifebachelor.com.]

  • bugreport@midlifebachelor.com
    If any of our links do not work, or there is any problem viewing or working with our website, please do let us know. If the webpages just don't look right, please let us know what kind of host computer you are using, what operating system and version you are using, your web browser name and version, and anything else you can tell us that would be useful. [We validate this site on Windows machines using IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Safari, and would especially appreciate feedback from users of other types of computers.] Note that we plan to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 in the near future - since many of our users are using Internet Explorer 8 now.

  • wotm@midlifebachelor.com
    Do you have a nomination for Woman of the Month? If so - please email us with her name at the above address. Please include a good overall description of her, why you are nominating her, and also a URL that points to some information about her. We also need a non-copyrighted tasteful photo of her, or a URL that points to a photo. Serious consideration is given to women of achievement who have something other than their pretty smile to show off. In other words, the ideal Woman of the Month is intelligent, professional, well-dressed, good-looking, well-spoken, and would be considered a JACKPOT in midllifebachelor.com terminology.

  • privacypolicy@midlifebachelor.com
    Use this email address if you have questions concerning our privacy policy. Our current privacy policy can be viewed at www.midlifebachelor.com/privacy

  • info@midlifebachelor.com
    If what you want to email us about does not fit into any of the above categories, then use this email address.

Have a great day, and thanks for taking the time to read through this website. Please consider making a personal contribution - not in the form of money, but rather in the form of a content submission or participation in our Midlife Forum. Thanks!

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