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Enjoy your Midlife Crisis

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Achieve Maximum Value from Your Crisis
Wherever your midlife crisis takes you – use it as an opportunity to grow.     Personal growth in life happens for many reasons and under many circumstances.  If you make some poor choices, learn from those choices, and move forward.   If you live your life without trying something new, you might just wake up and find yourself an old man someday saying “I woulda/shoulda/coulda …”.   If you are not yet a midlife bachelor, but are considering taking the plunge – tread carefully.   Read everything on this website, and decide if midlife bachelorhood is really what you want.  If you are already a midlife bachelor, then make the most out of your experience … use it as an opportunity to go out, and have some real fun.  Chase women – if that’s what you want.   Buy something ridiculous – if you can afford it, and believe it will make you feel better.   My point – live your life to its fullest.   Think of my neighbor, Gil – the 70-year old with the stripper girlfriend.   If he dies tomorrow, he will go with a smile on his face.   Take it as a lesson to do whatever makes you happy with the time you have left here.

It’s okay to have regrets – we all do.  Just don’t let those regrets depress you, or bring you down.   Know that each of us makes mistakes – but the successful midlife bachelors learn from those mistakes, pick themselves up by their bootstraps, and soldier forward in life.   There are women out there right now who need you – but maybe don’t know it yet.  No matter who you are – there is at least one moment to look forward to as a midlife bachelor … and that is the moment in your future where a fresh pair of panties on a brand-new woman are going down, down, down to the ground for the very first time for you.  Oh yes – there is nothing like first-time sex with a new partner.   Live for that moment.  It might be a day, a week, a month, or six months or more away … but that day and that moment await you.   That is something to focus on … to look forward to.   Live your life to its fullest.

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Enjoy your Midlife Crisis
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