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Erectile Dysfunction: 
Suddenly the Man You Once Were is not the Man You Are Now

One Midlife Bachelor’s Experience …

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Where I’m Personally at Right Now with Respect to E.D.
I’ve basically given you my entire story about E.D., and the details of how I’ve approached the treatment of it.  I’d say that for me, I’ve learned a lot about myself … but I still don’t have 100% of the answers … I’m still not back where I was sexually before all of this began.  I will say that what I initially thought was a problem with E.D. was actually more of a problem with libido – due to a lack of testosterone being produced by my midlife bachelor body.   In other words, I have proven that I can still get an erection without having to take Viagra® … but it is more my desire to have sex that tapered off, and that is definitely hormone-related.   Today I continue the use of the Androgel® synthetic testosterone.   I also use Viagra® occasionally.   Every day I take the Max TribuStak, and Max Anabol supplements from Max Muscle – even though I believe the jury is still out on the effectiveness of those products.  My girlfriend is a saint for having stuck with me the past two years that all of this has been happening to me.  I suppose one of the reasons I love her so much is that she is a very kind and patient person.

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Erectile Dysfunction: One Midlife Bachelor’s Experience
   The Horror of Erectile Dysfunction
   The Quick Cure – Holy Shit
        The Real Shocker
   Time to Rethink the Medical Strategy
        My Family Doctor’s Input
             Current medication I was taking
             Alcohol consumption
             Something psychological
             Boredom with my current girlfriend
             Some other medical condition
             Some combo of the previous 6 potential causes mentioned
        The Urologist’s Input
             Holy Hormones
             Finding the Right Daily Dose
             I’m Cured?
        Going BALD?  The Impact of the Dermatologist
             Clash of the Prescription Medications
        The Psychiatrist’s Input
             The Boredom Factor
        Natural Medicine – Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
        Human Growth Hormone Therapy?
   Where I’m Personally at Right Now with Respect to E.D.
   My Advice to You Concerning E.D.