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Erectile Dysfunction: 
Suddenly the Man You Once Were is not the Man You Are Now

One Midlife Bachelor’s Experience …

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Natural Medicine – Vitamins and Dietary Supplements
You’ve read about the various medical and psychiatric approaches I’ve taken, and in the order in which I took them.  Independent of all of that, I also sought out natural remedies for my loss of libido and E.D.  I’m talking about vitamins and dietary supplements, and also some alternative therapies.  For all intents and purposes, I know absolutely nothing about vitamins and dietary supplements … so the first thing I did was march down to the local health food store where various vitamins and dietary supplements are sold.  I consulted with this guy who worked there who had long hair, and who looked to be about my age.  I told him I thought I was going through some type of male menopause issues, and he knew exactly what I meant.   He led me to several dietary supplements – and told me that they helped him achieve more frequent orgasms and erections.   I’m not going to name the dietary supplements he recommended – not because I don’t want to endorse them, but rather because after I took them regularly for roughly four months, I did not notice any difference.   I will say that these dietary supplements he recommended are commonly found in men’s vitamins – and are fairly mainstream.  These typical, mainstream men’s vitamins and sexual supplements did nothing for me.

My next approach was to consult with a good friend of my father’s, named Norbert about different supplements he had been taking to restore overall men’s vitality.  Norbert is roughly ten years older than me, and said he had successfully been taking a particular supplement that claimed to cause the body to release Human Growth Hormone.  Norbert said these particular supplements made him feel alive and awake and virile – much more so than he had before he started taking them.   He turned me on to the website where these products are sold … and sure enough, it made some big claims like increased energy levels and endurance, increased sexual potency and frequency, improved memory and mental alertness.   Wow – if this was all true, then I may have found the answer!   Well to make a long story short, I used these supplements for roughly six months … and honestly, they did not seem to make any sort of noticeable difference for me.   Norbert swears they work for him – and maybe they do.   Or maybe I was not able to experience the success because of some of the other drug interactions that were going on … I don’t know.  But I do know that I gave up on the supplements that Norbert recommended.

I still pursue such natural remedies and supplements.  Roughly four months ago, I saw an article in the local newspaper that discussed hormone loss in men, and the sexual side effects that occur as a result.  One of the people that was interviewed was a local owner of a franchise called Max Muscle® – which is essentially a sports nutrition store that is geared toward bodybuilders.   In the article, he was talking about different dietary supplements a man could take that would increase testosterone levels naturally.  Of course, this was exactly what I was interested in – so the very next day, I marched my fat, balding, middle-age ass down to this particular store.   Behind the counter was a young guy in his mid-twenties.  I explained to him that I read the article, and that the reason I was there was because I have low testosterone levels.   The young guy explained that he thought my situation was very similar to bodybuilders who decide to go off of steroids.   He said their hormone levels plummet, and they often lose the desire to have sex … and he said that he, himself, has been through this when he went off steroids.   What he recommended was the same thing he recommends to these athletes – a product called Max TribuStak, and Max Anabol.   Max TribuStak supposedly stimulates the production of testosterone.  Max Anabol supposedly also stimulates the natural production of testosterone, but also increases endurance and sexual performance.   The young guy at the Max Muscle store said that I should ideally take both – the Max TribuStak is taken twice each day during the day, and the Max Anabol is taken at night.  While I am not yet ready to endorse either of these products, I am calling them out here because they are targeted directly at what my issues are.   The earlier dietary supplements I tried were oriented at overall health – and not specifically targeted toward aiding the production of testosterone.   We will see over time if these Max Muscle® products live up to their lofty billing.

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Erectile Dysfunction: One Midlife Bachelor’s Experience
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        The Real Shocker
   Time to Rethink the Medical Strategy
        My Family Doctor’s Input
             Current medication I was taking
             Alcohol consumption
             Something psychological
             Boredom with my current girlfriend
             Some other medical condition
             Some combo of the previous 6 potential causes mentioned
        The Urologist’s Input
             Holy Hormones
             Finding the Right Daily Dose
             I’m Cured?
        Going BALD?  The Impact of the Dermatologist
             Clash of the Prescription Medications
        The Psychiatrist’s Input
             The Boredom Factor
        Natural Medicine – Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
        Human Growth Hormone Therapy?
   Where I’m Personally at Right Now with Respect to E.D.
   My Advice to You Concerning E.D.