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Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium

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Enjoy Your Solitude
As I mentioned in other sections of this website, one of the primary mistakes that many midlife bachelors make is rushing into a new serious relationship before they’ve taken the time to go through all of the midlife bachelor phases and learning experiences.   A “big picture” way to look at this is – attempting to rush the process of midlife bachelor equilibrium may leave you with many gaps in terms of your personal growth.  Why not take a step back, and enjoy your solitude for a while?   Enjoying your solitude means giving yourself the necessary time to understand where you are in the midlife bachelor roadmap … taking inventory of your individual strengths and weaknesses … figuring out where and how to proceed from here.   You’ve got to have that solitude at least once in a while to effectively look at your particular “big picture”.  Solitude doesn’t mean taking a year or more off doing nothing – it means taking some time periodically to re-evaluate your own situation, priorities, and strategies for moving forward.

Sometimes the concept of “enjoying your solitude” does refer to being happy when you are dateless.  Let’s face it – women can be very annoying at times.  When you are not dating anyone, you don’t have to report about your activities … you can drink as much or as little as you wish … you can disappear for days at time with zero consequences … you can eat beans out of a can for dinner if you wish … you can leave your home a mess without worrying about what SHE will say … you can jack yourself off in any room of the house without causing an incident … you can spend any amount of money on yourself … you can eat out for half price (since you are only paying for yourself) … you can invite your buddies over and drink beer all night long.  You get the idea – you can do things that you would not be able to do if you were dating someone.   My message – even though you might be lonely, you as a midlife bachelor can find happiness and equilibrium by recognizing and enjoying the merits of your temporary solitude.

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Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium
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