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Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium

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Appreciate your good health – sometimes we overlook and under-appreciate the obvious … like our good health.  I never gave my own good health a spare thought until I thought I had E.D.  I had always assumed or presumed that I could continue indefinitely to be a typical male that could make love to any woman at any time.   Then the whole E.D. experience humbled me.   Now I have a much greater overall appreciation for my individual health and wellness.   Sure I’m still a little chubby and somewhat balding, and yes, I recently started wearing glasses for the first time in my entire life … but overall I’m in decent health … and things are good.  I recognize the blessings of my current health, and believe this recognition is part of my own midlife bachelor equilibrium.   Don’t under-appreciate your good health!

Appreciate your own unique qualities or attributes – each of us does something well, or has something about us that sets us apart from others.  Each of us has some sort of personal strength or attribute that helps define us … that makes us who we are.  Recognize, embrace, and appreciate these things which make you unique.   Leverage these characteristics wherever you can – maybe even try to exploit them further.   Sometimes it is easier to fine tune or leverage a particular strength than it is to mask a weakness.  Being aware of your strengths, appreciating them, and using them to your advantage are most definitely key components of midlife bachelor equilibrium.   It sort of like knowing the answers to a test you are about to be given – and one has to appreciate that feeling, and feel good about it.

For me – I’d say that two key personal attributes that I am grateful for are my ability to talk to people, in general … and also my ability to handle fairly dramatic situations with a reasonably cool head.  As I mentioned earlier in this section, all the dating over the years has helped me to essentially be good at small talk … which at times benefits me personally and professionally.   Likewise, all of the experience I’ve had dealing with crazy girlfriends has helped me remain calm when work situations become tense or dramatic.  Sometimes I even enjoy the drama – as it represents a break from what might otherwise be considered mundane.

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Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium
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