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Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium

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Learn, Adapt, and Grow
I hope the observations I have shared with you from my life and the lives of my friends will help you decide where you are at in your own midlife bachelor experience, where you are headed, and how you plan to get there.   Remember that my take on things is just one point-of-view – one of many possible points-of-view.   You will go through your own experiences, make your own observations, and draw your own conclusions.   Maybe you will learn things that I have never encountered – and if you do, please email me with your stories and lessons (content@midlifebachelor.com) , and share your experiences for the benefit of all of our midlife bachelor brothers.   Together let us leverage our collective knowledge, and experience a level of success far greater than we ever would be able to as individuals.   Our equilibrium is achieved from knowing that we shall continuously learn from ourselves and from one another … that we will perpetually adapt to our changing world … and that we will grow as individuals in the process. 

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Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium
   Enjoy Your Solitude
   Learn to Understand Yourself
   Use the ML Bachelor Experience to Grow as a Person
   Take Nothing for Granted
         Appreciate your family
         Appreciate your friends
         Appreciate your good health
         Appreciate your own unique qualities or attributes
   Possibly Find the Perfect Relationship?
         Not Perfect, but Perfectly Tolerable?
         Test of Time
   Learn, Adapt, and Grow