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What to Do When Someone Hits on Your Wife or Girlfriend Right in Front of You?

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  • What to Do When Someone Hits on Your Wife or Girlfriend Right in Front of You?

    This was an interesting ASK MIDLIFE BACHELOR question that came in last week ...

    Best Friend Hitting on My Tramp Wife

    and I gave a fairly tame response.

    I remember when I was in my late 20s, a guy hit on my girlfriend at a wedding reception when he thought I was in the bathroom ... but really I was standing behind him when he asked my girlfriend (at the time) out. I grabbed him, turned him around - and barked that he ought not to disrespect me like that. I would definitely NOT do that again if the same thing occurred today ... as midlife has seriously mellowed me out.

    So if someone hit on your girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend right in front of you today - how would you handle it exactly?

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    I am mellowed out as well, Greg. I hope I will have the courage to confront the person, not in public, but ask her if I could speak to her privately and then tell her to leave my partner alone.


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      me.......nothing.....if my partner doesn't handle it then and there ---its over.....


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        I say address the issue directly with both of them, perhaps using humor.

        Your GF needs to know you'll stand up for her, but you need to show confidence that she won't leave you for the other guy. Becoming angry and possessive is immature and insecure, you can't force someone to be with you.

        Maybe say something in front of both of them like, "Yeah, it's rough being a hottie, she gets hit on all the time."

        There's got to be a better line out there than that, but you get the point.


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          For clarity-- in my opinion the person who is being "hit on" should handle it becasue we are all adults---you can't talk for another person like they are a child....the "dissed" partner will look possessive if they step in....altho I like the humor idea...that works too. If the person is being overly aggressive or touching your girlfriend inappropriately---then by all mean stand up for her and firmly!!!