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Where or How Have You Met People You Date?

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  • Where or How Have You Met People You Date?

    If I look back over the last handful of girlfriends, here is how I've met them:

    1) Blind date (current girlfriend)
    2) Online
    3) Gym
    4) Work
    5) Grocery store
    6) Local retail store

    and if I were suddenly single again right now, the way I met the next three women I would date ("backburners" in my terminology) was:

    7) Gym
    8) Friend of one of my chick friends
    9) Cousin of one of my chick friends

    Okay - so maybe that was more than a handful of examples. My point is - how do you meet women/men that you date? I imagine online is most common right now. And I'd say that after I exhausted 7), 8), and 9) that online is where I would turn.

    Where or how did you meet your last handful of dates?

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    1. Online - Vast majority.
    2. Friends of Friends - 1 Gal.
    3. Bar/Nightclub - 2 Gals.

    The fact is that in rural small town America our options are limited. If not for online dating I would have not had nearly as many opportunities.


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      1. Online
      2. Friends of female friends

      I have only been single just over a year so it is taking me a little while to make female friends but I can see where they could be a great resource for dates.

      I am so busy online is the only feasible way. You just get a lot of contacts thrown against the wall and see what sticks.



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        Online. I have custody of my 7 year old son and do not get much in the way of time to meet women all that much. I have met some while out with him, as a guy with his son out kind of tend to be single mom magnets, but nothing significant had resulted from it. The person I'm with now and hope to stay with I met online.


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          I've met all of my dates (except 1) online. I met "the exception" at a weekend workshop.

          I'm still getting to know people here, since I relocated. And I just became single again this year. However, I've realized that if I want to meet men outside of the Internet, I should develop some locations where I consistently go. Currently, there is only my yoga class and everyone there is female, except for 1 married man.


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            Well, this is an easy one for me now...

            online; really as many first dates as I wanted during the summer. I got good at it with practice. This was a very good thing as I live in a very suburban area with all single family houses. (My two girls live 3 miles away with my ex.) I'd say 90% of the women in my age bracket or somewhat younger (my partners have been about 8 years younger for some reason) are taken (married)/unavailable. NYC is close but all my relationships have been with non-NYC women --- a bit strange, especially as they often have their own place and I love NYC. (I did get some interest when I used to own and walk a great dog.)

            In my "salad" days I met women in school and at work. Just a few through friends. I often had to ask a woman out twice for a first date --- but this often worked back then. (I never ask a woman out twice now after a date --- it would be near useless in my opinion and ex's remain ex's. Heck, I ask few women out ONCE for a second date!)
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              I've been finding 100% of my dates online (three different sites). I have been very successful at getting dates online, so much so that I don't reallly look elsewhere anymore.


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                Online, plus one at a bar. Nothing yet from chick friends (except a "I want to introduce you to someone but you're too fresh"). I have not asked the chick friends yet - kind of booked already.

                Friends of friends could be awkward, I would think... what if things don't work out etc.

                Online the volume is very high (you could fill up your entire calendar with new dates if that was your objective and you live in a reasonable metro area - but of course this would mean you're not being selective enough).