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  • Need Loud Bluetooth Earpiece

    For some time, I've struggled with the current generation of bluetooth earpieces. Struggled in the sense that none of them are loud enough for me. Now I don't think I am deaf - but the two vehicles I drive are noisy ... one is a sportscar, and the other is a SUV.

    Most of the time when commuting for work - I would drive the SUV because it is the quieter of the two vehicles. But about a month or so ago, I got new tires for it - and I didn't pay too much attention to the "noise rating" of the tires I purchased. Well that has come back to bite me because even though they are "street tires", they are considerably louder when driving than the previous tires I had.

    So I've been looking around for a bluetooth headset that is LOUD ... and I've struck out. Now today I ran into something I hadn't thought of - a custom-molded earpiece ... which will apparently work with my favorite Jawbone 2 bluetooth piece:

    Apparently they send you a kit that you use to mold your ear ... then you mail it back to them ... then three weeks later you get your custom molded piece. $79 plus tax and shipping. I'll let you know how this works out. [They make custom earpieces for many bluetooth devices - not just Jawbones.]

    The only other thing I found in terms of a LOUD HEADSET is for truckers:

    and it really does not look very attractive.

    Once I get the custom earpiece thing back - I will write a short review here.

    That's it - a pure midlife thread. We become harder of hearing as we age, I guess ... because I never had this problem until recently

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    Just to clarify - the reason the Avery Sound custom-molded earpiece is a potential solution to the volume problem is that it allows the bluetooth device to essentially be inserted INTO your ear via the custom mold earpiece.

    In other words, it suppresses all other outside noise because this molded earpiece fits inside your ear - so that the volume of the bluetooth device should be fine. Some of the reviews I read on this approach stated that they actually had to turn the bluetooth device's volume DOWN after using it with one of these custom-molded earpieces. We shall see. I will report back.


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      Get a plantronics voyager. It's got noice cancellation and is probably one of the most advanced blue tooth headsets out there. It's also not cheap.


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        I just realized that I never did report back on how I did with respect to this Avery Sound earpiece for the Jawbone2 (described in my original post).

        Here is a link to this thing:

        I bought my first one as I mentioned back in December, and it works so well that I actually purchased a second Jawbone 2 and a second Avery Sound earpiece within a couple of weeks ... just in case I lose one, I always have the other.

        This things works as advertised - I am a believer. And yes - as I said in my original post, you do have to turn the volume DOWN on the Jawbone 2 after you attach this thing because otherwise it is actually TOO LOUD.

        Problem solved - success story!

        Oh - and if it had not worked, then I would have given MaggieinATL's proposed solution a whirl ...


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          The best solution here is to find an earpiece that fits your ear. I would never advise to buy one that is the loudest. This is your hearing that we are talking about. The potential damage that a loud earpiece can do is not reversable.

          What you should be looking for, is instead, a proper fitting earpiece. A proper fit will cancil out the ambiant noise and allow you to hear the call more clearly.

          Either spend the extra money on the custom fit or purchase from a retail location with a good return policy.

          I found that the Motorola earpieces fit my ears the best.


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            You can also get a custom molded earpiece just like the one at the above mentioned site by checking out Their prices are also about $10 less for the same thing