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  • Brazilian Wax

    I was just reading the new article about what men want in women at midlife - and the Brazilian wax is #1. I've had many a bikini wax - and those are painful. I can only imagine what a full Brazilian is like - ouch! Maybe I'll try one

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    I found this Brazilian waxing video on youtube. Don't worry it is NOT graphic - and it shows that the women are not in any pain at all ...

    Brazilian Wax Video - not graphic


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      Exactly where does one go to get a Brazilian wax?


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        Usually you would go to a spa or salon that advertizes "waxing". An esthetician would usually perform this service upon on you. There are probably 10-20 such places within ten miles of where I live - they are everywhere here in Southern California. I think you live in Texas though, right?

        Glad to see you are back, Queenie! Hope things are going great!


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          This discussion makes me think about that scene in the movie The Forty Year Old Virgin where he gets his chest waxed. That has got to hurt.


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            I think even here in Texas there are some of those there spas!!
            I actually asked the young girl (my son's age) at the cosmetic counter when I was in the big city last week. She told me the same thing - go to a spa. I can picture it now, open the phone book, pick a place, make an appointment, go in and plop yourself down in front of a complete stranger and ask him/her to do things to me that I won't even do to myself. Sounds like such fun!!!! Maybe I'll attempt this after drinking a full bottle of champagne when/if the divorce is final. Of course, by then, I may be so old that the nursing home can do it for me.......


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              I highly recommend it ladies!!!

              I really really like my Brazialian is can do it.

              I recommend that you take one extra pill of your usual headache medicine about 20 min before your appointment ( I usually take one advil so I take 2 before my waxes). If you aren't driving---a shot of tequila is good too. The first time is the worse, its much much better after that.

              Go to really nice place. Its worth it to pay extra.

              Immediately apply lots and lots of aloe gel.

              Buy some slinky silky undies (you will feel so sexy just walking around)

              HAVE FUN!!!!!


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                You would be surprised how many men like completely shaven! Try it and see the reaction!


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                  Why would any woman want to go through this? No clue. First of all, it's really annoying and uncomfortable when the hair grows back. Sorry guys- we all have our limits. If you don't like me as I am, perhaps you should find someone else is my view. I would never, ever expect a man to go to such lengths for me. That's just dumb.