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Chick Friend Sent Me a Nude Pic of Herself

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  • Chick Friend Sent Me a Nude Pic of Herself

    Okay so I'm not sure what to think about this a chick friend of mine who I have known for many years recently sent me a single nude photo of herself. Actually it is not full-nude it is her topless. She has a boyfriend and I'm pretty sure she is not interested in me so why do you think she would do this?

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    How about posting the photo here?


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      I can't imagine sending a nude - or half - nude picture to someone I wasn't interested in (actually to even someone I am interested in!)
      Did she asked if you received it? Was there a note attached?

      Maybe she sent it to you by mistake (doubt it.)


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        She didn't attach a note to the photo but she sent me a separate message a day or two later that said she hoped my girlfriend doesn't see the photo. This chick friend of mine is smoking hot with or without a top on.


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          She digs you..

          Sorry; but the chick digs you. She wouldn't send a nude pic otherwise.


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            I agree with Carbster. I don't think she would send you a photo like that if she didn't want you bad. I wish my female friends would do that but no.


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              I'm interested in what she says to you (Steve) the next time the two of you talk. It could be that she wants you, or it could be that she just likes a lot of attention ... or both. I'll give this some more thought, too - but definitely let us know how your next discussion with her goes!

              Oh - and to address the question about posting the pic here ... that is a negative. It is against the rules for this forum for two reasons:

              1) We have a fair number of female contributors, and I don't think they would appreciate the forum going in that direction.


              2) It is against the policy of our advertisers ... which means I could lose their support for this site ... which would be a bad thing.

              This is an excellent topic though!


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                One thing is for sure, she wants your approval. She wants to hear how sexy she is. I'd give her at least that much, I'd show my appreciation and say something witty like it's nice to see this side of you. (Now all the girls will tell me that's not witty LOL) And see where it goes from there. There is clearly an opportunity for some fun. There are a lot of different life styles out there and what may be shocking to one person is natural to another. The net makes it easier for people to do things they'd never do in person. Like walk into your living room and strip, which is basically what she did, virtually.

                There are also a lot of games played on the net. I once had a friend, female friend, that wrote me out of the blue. I was really glad to hea from her. A year later I finally figured out it was her boyfriend trying to find out if we were more than friends. So she probably ended up in a really bad relationship.

                Remember the net lets you be who ever you want to be, even your significant other. It happened to me. But darn, my friends bf didn't send me any nude pictures.

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                  If she's sending you topless photos of herself then she definitely wants you. If she has a boyfriend then maybe she just wants a taste of you for fun ????


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                    Okay so I had a few drinks this week with this chick friend who previously sent me the topless photos and nothing out of the ordinary occurred (rats!). I think the verdict is that Flirtilizer and gregory were both right she just wanted attention, and wanted to show off how sexy she is. And she is damn sexy, too! Maybe I just need to put this experience into the bank for now which means maybe something different will occur sometime in the future????


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                      I think all women should pause for one moment, and consider sending someone they care about a nude photo of herself.


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                        Originally posted by gregory View Post
                        I think all women should pause for one moment, and consider sending someone they care about a nude photo of herself.
                        You are in rare form today, sir! Lol