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  • Welcome to the Midlife Dating Forum!

    Welcome to the Midlife Dating Forum! The goal of this discussion forum is to get people talking and sharing information - our motto here is "Discuss anything. Regret nothing." So please do not be shy about participating!

    Forum Rules
    There are a few simple rules here - you can discuss anything you wish, but do not post anything extremely offensive, do not post any copyrighted material, and do not post any adult movies, photos, or language. You can curse/use bad words - but try to keep it reasonable. Do not SPAM other members of the forum. Do not post links to another website in either your signature OR in your forum posts, unless you receive written permission from the forum Administrator. Once you post a message onto the Midlife Dating Forum (or any of its subforums), it becomes the property of You can delete or modify your posts - so long as you are a member here in good standing. You must not threaten, name call, personally attack, annoy, pester, lecture to, and/or preach to any member of the forum - else you may have your post(s) deleted and/or be banned, all at the sole discretion of the Administrator. The Administrator retains all authority to decide what constitutes threats, name calling, personal attacks, annoyances, pestering, lectures, and/or preaching.

    Recommendations (added January 1, 2015)
    We at encourage you to DISCUSS EVERYTHING, and to REGRET NOTHING. If you choose to discuss your online dating tactics and/or strategies, it's best that you not post any pictures of yourself nor your dates on the forum or subforums. It's also best that you not divulge your actual location, nor any personal information about yourself that would permit someone reading this forum to be able to identify you or anyone you date on any of the online dating or social media websites. We absolutely encourage free speech here on the Midlife Forums - however, it's always safest to keep things as anonymous as possible without compromising your content and context.

    Do not be shy about registering for this forum. We at take privacy seriously. We will never SPAM you, nor will we ever misuse or sell your contact information to anyone. Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy. Periodically but infrequently, we may send out an email that summarizes a new addition or feature to this forum. That's it - nothing more.

    Having Difficulty Registering for the Forums?
    If you are having difficulty successfully registering for the forum, and you would like me to help - just email me your desired user name, password, and your email address ... and I'll perform the registration process for you myself. [You can always change your password and email address later ... just by going into the "User CP" (user control panel) after you log in.] Use the following link to send me email:

    Security Upgrades for Forum Registration Process
    Due to a huge increase in SPAM activity, I was forced to make a number of security upgrades to the registration process for this forum. You need to have a legitimate email address in order to successfully register here. If you are a legitimate user, and find yourself either unable to register or to post, then please let me hear from you ... using the email contact form shown here, and I'll do my best to help out ASAP:

    Did You Forget Your User Name or Password?
    If you lost or forgot your User Name or Password, then go to this URL and enter the email address you used to register for the Midlife Forum ... and both your user name and password will be emailed to you:

    Any other Problems, Questions, or Comments?
    Please email me by using this CONTACT US link, and I will do my best to respond/resolve it ASAP. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

    Gregory Smith, Founder