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Can Senior Men (Age 60+) Still Achieve an Erection???

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  • Can Senior Men (Age 60+) Still Achieve an Erection???

    Can senior age men (60+) still achieve an erection??? How common are such issues, I wonder???? I am early 50s, and this topic could inspire a panic attack.

    Per Ms. Bluefeather in a different thread post ...

    Originally posted by Bluefeather View Post
    Over the years I have gotten busy with a few guys over 60, and exactly one of them (aged 64 to 66 while I was with him) was capable of good sex. One had some good moves to compensate for the fact that his equipment didn't function. The others were happy to get naked and give it a try, but ... nothing happened, and they didn't have anything else up their sleeve to take advantage of the nakedness. I'm not sure what a lady is supposed to do with a non-functional penis except maybe pet it and say something comforting.

    I guess this is more of a senior citizen dating problem, but for you gentlemen in your 50s, prepare yourselves because this is what happens. If you want companionship in your old age you need to find her while you still have something to share sexually.
    Above is the most frightening thing I have heard in quite some time. I am in my early 50s now - do all or most men really lose the ability to achieve an erection in their early 60s? What about Viagra and/or other such pills? Don't those help???

    Now I did hear something similar from an electrical contractor in his early 60s a few years ago - but he had major health problems, and so I attributed his difficulties to those issues.

    Can someone please comment or elaborate on how common it is for age 60+ men to not (or seldom or ???) be able to achieve an erection??? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

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    I will add that this is NOT typically a topic that most men would discuss while having drinks with their friends.

    "Hey - who here can no longer get an erection?"

    ... would be met with crickets/dead silence as a response ... then likely followed by a question from someone like,

    "Dude - are you saying you can no longer get it up?"

    ... followed by general discomfort, etc. Ahhhhh!


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      Hence my question, and my confusion - why the heck would a guy in my age range - 55 to 65 - want a woman to be part of their life? If sex isn't part of the equation, what's in it for the gentleman?


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        " I'm not sure what a lady is supposed to do with a non-functional penis except maybe pet it and say something comforting."

        Bluefeather absolutely nailed it!!!

        What happens when Mr. Happy can't rise to the occasion more often than not? We'll get to the solutions later.

        Yep. This absolutely happens when you hit a certain age. The mind is willing but the ravages of age, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, smoking tobacco, smoking reefer, drinking excessively, low testosterone, a lifetime of sitting in front of the TV, obesity, and a general all-around-tiredness will keep your pecker soft and unable to perform it's appointed duties.

        Men generally find this embarrassing and women....well mostly, it just pisses women off. Both sexes are uncomfortable and women generally take it personally and get into all sort's of weird head spaces about their attractiveness. What's worse, some of these "age-appropriate" ladies are all jacked up on HRT and ready to rock, but unable to pull any virile 35 year olds for a whole number of reasons, so what they're left with is you. They're pissed for good reasons and sometimes come off a little entitled. So, what to do:

        This is in fact, an age-related medical condition, and all the midlife bachelorettes who struggle with this in their dating pool, probably need to realize their "inner cougars" and market themselves to a younger demographic, then trying to recapture that old all-night magic with gents closer to their age. A lot of us are sort've more ways than one but.......their are several mitigated approaches that a man can take to make sure his equipment is a little more functional.

        The first thing is to learn to not give a fuck and pursue your own interests." Eat. Love. Pray" yourself and go live in Tuscany. Stop being a performing monkey, you've been doing it all your life, and quit worrying about your ability to keep her happy. She might dump you for that but more power to her. If she leaves you because your mojo ain't what she thinks it should be, then probably she would've done it anyway. Women have been told for decades to be in charge of their own orgasms. Let 'em take some responsibility for once. Ain't nobody hard and smooth like they were when they were 25 anymore....including women. Even hard body, 60 year gym rat women. It's probably a good thing that our eyesight goes.

        The second thing to do is learn to be creative and adaptable. There is nothing more satisfying to a man then making a woman come. Women are built to come long and hard, and using a combination of tongue, fingers, toys, shaved head, your beard, some decent technique, and the occasional erect member, you can have them screaming, grunting, rolling their eyes, gasping for air, and writhing with probably with more surety than the old in-and-out alone. They'll be the ones worrying about a heart attack.

        The third thing is actually the hardest thing to do (pun intended) is to go to your general practitioner and a urologist. They are several drugs on the market that when taken properly, will help. You know what ones I'm talking about. However, if you're serious, then also start with a full physical that includes a full set of labs. Establish a baseline of overall health and work from there. This may include more than a simple prescription for little blue pills. Be sure to get your T levels checked. Bioidenticals and supplements just don't work and if you're low then you'll need shots. Just remember, your propensity for road rage may come back.

        The fourth thing will be the hardest. Lose enough weight to bring your BMI to at least 18%. Preferably lower. This is done in the kitchen and in the gym. Get off your middle- aged fat ass and get into the gym at least 5 hour per week. Begin 5x5 weight training, core, cardio, high intensity impact training, flexibility, and more core. Make it your religion. Peel off the fat with a paleo diet that gives you fewer calories than you expend. Get ripped or as ripped as you can get for an old man. What happens then is the 45 year olds at the wine tastings start wanting to feel your muscles. Seriously. It's the funniest thing and if you laugh at them, they get all butthurt because that stuff doesn't work anymore. But seriously, do you really want to date a 45 year old divorcee with surly teenagers at home? Thought not. Stick to grandmas.

        All of these things may help but maybe not. I personally think that having a sense of humor about it is pretty important.

        Getting old is a bitch, ain't it?

        Bluefeather asked a good question about old guys wanting to be with a woman (or women). Probably for the same reasons a woman wants to be with a man.'s a hassle sometimes but if you connect with the right one it can bring pleasure. Just how we're wired as primates.
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          Originally posted by Bluefeather View Post
          Hence my question, and my confusion - why the heck would a guy in my age range - 55 to 65 - want a woman to be part of their life? If sex isn't part of the equation, what's in it for the gentleman?
          Probably companionship? That is all I can think of. If my Mr. Happy ever stops working, then I think that is what I would focus on.


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            Lawnguy - Your message two above is superb, and inspirational. Thanks for putting the time into creating it. I agree 100%:

            - pursue your own interests
            - be creative and adaptable in bed
            - go see your doctor and urologist
            - focus on a healthy lifestyle
            - have a sense of humor

            I'm not sure what to add to the above, but maybe others have some ideas???

            Maybe I will try an experiment the next time I am out drinking with my male friends, and just throw out the issue in a non-threatening way,

            "As we age, and as our prowess diminishes - what do we do moving forward from that point in our lives?"

            Asking a question in a bar will likely produce an answer such as,

            "Drink more, obviously." ha ha

            I will report back with any additional research findings, but please continue to add your thoughts here.


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              Here are some interesting additional data points from a webmd article entitled, Erectile Dysfunction Common With Age ...

              The majority of younger men (74%) rated sexual function as good or very good; only 10% of men older than 80 rated sexual function the same. Only 12% of younger men reported big or moderate problems. But nearly a quarter to a third of men older than 50 reported this degree of severity in sexual function.
              • 2% reported first experiencing ED before age 40
              • 4% reported first experiencing ED between ages 40 to 49
              • 26% reported first experiencing ED between ages 50 to 59
              • 40% reported first experiencing ED between ages 60 to 69 oh no!!!!

              Men with a healthy lifestyle and no chronic disease had the lowest risk for erectile dysfunction; the greatest difference was seen for men aged 65-79. For instance, men who exercised at least three hours per week had a 30% lower risk for ED than those who exercised little. Obesity, smoking, and excessive TV watching were also associated with having a greater risk of erectile dysfunction.

              When looking for information like the above, it is hard to find credible information - because most of what pops up in a search are sites that are trying to sell you something to fix the issue.


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                I suspect that self-reporting is questionable. I think the numbers are highter across the board. My doc at the VA says he hands out Viagra like candy. Like I stated, worrying about this shit probably makes it worse and while it's absolutely paramount when a man is younger, there are more important things to fret about when you get to a "certain age." Like needing reading glasses, a guy has to adapt as do the women. I can certainly tell you that when I'm in a room full of fertile, attractive women, my nether regions certainly respond so mebbe it just ain't me.


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                  Originally posted by gregory View Post
                  ... it is hard to find credible information - because most of what pops up in a search are sites that are trying to sell you something to fix the issue.
                  Pun intended ?

                  We are inundated with commercials about ED, Cialis, Viagra, etc ... every one shows dudes about my age, each cavorting with a pretty, thin, nice-looking wife with a youthful demeanor, narrow waist and cute legs. I laugh to myself and think "these are not the guys that have that problem ..."