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Worst thing someone said while having sex?

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  • Worst thing someone said while having sex?

    I recall two instances of "worst things" being told to me while in mid-stroke somewhat recently. One was from the 34-year old Latina I was dating prior to the current gf. And the other was with a different younger woman who I was on and off with over an extended period of time. And they are both a "tie" in terms of "worst thing" being said to me. Here you go - and remember this was mid-stroke while having unprotected sex:

    1) "I'm not on birth control anymore."
    My response - "You are telling me this NOW????"

    2) "I'm not taking any more of those Plan B pills."
    My response - "But I just bought a whole case of them, so just take one this one last time, okay?"

    Obviously everything worked out fine because there are no small children running and screaming around me as I type this, nor are there any paternity lawsuits pending, nor do I have puss-filled pimples or warts on me.

    And yes - I know the risks associated with having unprotected sex ... thank you!!!

    So what is the WORST THING someone has said to you while you were having sex???

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    "That steak sub ... oh God ... I gotta poop !"


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      Originally posted by Urban Cowboy View Post
      "That steak sub ... oh God ... I gotta poop !"
      Well at least she did not poop (or fart) in bed. Either would be really bad ...


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        Having sex with my then husband of 6 years from behind and he exclaims, "You have the ass of a 20 year old!". Ummm.
        Did I mention he is now an ex?


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          I once farted in bed (not during sex) and believe me, it is far worse for the person who dealt the fart. I still cringe at the memory.
          Years ago, was dating a guy who later turned into a bf (fart obviously did not detour him). He lived in downtown Chicago. This was a recipe for fun for a woman who did not live there but came to visit frequently. After an evening of shenanigans and draft beer, I am coming to life the next morning, stretching and pass gas. Thinking I am home and alone, I am comfortable and have no cause for concern for my girl fart. Then it hits me. I am not alone. Not only am I not alone, I am naked and just broke wind in a guy's bed I really like and he can't be further than 18 inches from me. I am absolutely horrified, can feel the heat of my face turning red. Maybe, just maybe, he is still asleep. Yes, he still is asleep, he likes to sleep late, this is good. I slowly rolled over to confirm this and what do I find?
          Wide awake. No expression. Just eyes big and in shock.
          Horrible horrible moment. It's as if it just happened yesterday and this was at least 10 years ago. I said nothing, rolled back over and hoped I was having a nightmare.
          To this day, this has never been discussed between us. We did not remain together but did remain friends. I have wondered if he told his friends as I have mine. Most likely so.


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            His appropriate response would have been to exclaim "I'm glad you did that first", and let one rip ...