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Quick Trip to Tijuana, Mexico

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  • Quick Trip to Tijuana, Mexico

    Just returned from a quick, two-day visit to Tijuana, Mexico - and wanted to report out on it. I know there is at least one other person here (kjmudd) who appreciates cross border adventures - so here you go.

    First of all, I have not been to TJ in probably 20 years because I've always instead gone to the nicer places ... like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, etc. I've visited Mexico maybe 30 times over the past 25 years ... just have not been back to TJ since it is a border town, and my recollection of it was not good.

    Things have not changed in TJ since my last visit there. I went with the Klingon Latina girlfriend. We walked across the border, and took a taxi to the hotel, then to Avenida Revolucion ... which is where all of the bars and tourist type stores are. As you might expect, plenty of clubs ... nothing particularly high class there. Drank plenty of tequila. We were coaxed into one club ... when we went through the front door there was a black curtain (which I knew meant something interesting was about to been seen or happen), and sure enough it was a nude club. We did an about face, and walked right out. ha ha Nothing to purchase there except cheap junk. I actually bought nothing the entire trip there.

    Second day we went to Puerto Nuevo - which is a lobster fishing village, and had some very good food. Also visited Playa de Tijuana (Tijuana Beach), as I wanted to see what the beach looked like from the Mexican side of the border. It was a little crowded but not much different than the rest of TJ. There was an odor in the air, kind of like sewage - pretty much everywhere at the TJ beach there.

    Now for the benefit of kjmudd, I will say that when we were walking across the border, I did see some absolutely fantastic-looking 20-something Latinas ... just mind-blowing. But I don't know where they went after crossing the border!

    To sum it up, I won't go back to TJ for at least another 20 years. ha ha

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    Lived in San Diego for a couple of years in the early 70's. University District. I used to shop in TJ. The bus was .50 cents and a big fat burrito in National City was a buck. Groceries were cheaper there. The most fun I had was not in the bars Revolution Square, but at the Caliente race track when they ran dogs. Alas, it burned downed years ago......mostly I find Mexico to be dirty and nerve-wracking these days. Even places like Puerta Vallarta.


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      Originally posted by gregory View Post
      ... I went with the Klingon Latina girlfriend. ...
      Stopped reading right there.

      (j/k haha)