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Date Someone Good-Looking vs Interesting for Long-term?

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  • Date Someone Good-Looking vs Interesting for Long-term?

    Would you rather date someone good-looking versus interesting for the long-term? The following came in this morning via ASK MIDLIFE BACHELOR, and it was an easy one so I already responded with my answer ... but thought other may want to comment. My answer is, of course, highly predictable. ha ha
    ************************************************** *
    I've starting seeing 2 women.

    Woman A: 42 yrs of age. Good looking. Has a smoking hot sexy body but is boring to talk to and just not interesting.

    Woman B: 42 yrs of age. Good looking. Has an average body but is interesting and not boring to talk to.

    I love looking at Woman A's body but is that enough? Is this sustainable for a long term relationship?

    I love talking to Woman B but she doesn't have the hot sexy body that Woman A has.

    All other things being equal, which woman would you pursue and why?

    Which one has the potential for something long term?
    ************************************************** *
    My answer is below.

    Anyone else care to comment?

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    My predictable answer ...

    The obvious choice is to pick the woman with the biggest boobs. Just kidding! You said both are good looking - it is just that Woman A is stunning but boring. Woman B is interesting. I'd pick Woman B because Woman A's looks will fade over time ... and then you have nothing because she is boring.

    Now does either one of them have a good career, or money??? That could also tip the scales (similar to big boobs).


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      Both. Why force yourself to decide ?


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        I am not a man, but here is my spin. If she is boring, there is not enough chemistry to make it worth it. I would rather be with someone that can rock my world than someone that just looks good.