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Ex-Husband Has My Cell Number

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  • Ex-Husband Has My Cell Number

    The ex-husband-in-progress of a woman I recently started to date got ahold of her phone, knows her password, read our texts, and has called me once and texted me a bunch of times.

    Yes - I have instructed the woman to please change her phone password DUH!!!

    I am somewhat sympathetic to the guy because he can tell from the text messages that I have been sleeping with his ex-wife-in-progress. The woman tells me that he has a girlfriend but he's still obviously pretty rattled. I am told I am the woman's first "boyfriend" since they separated five months ago. "BF" is in quotes because it is nothing official.

    This has definitely gotten weird in a hurry. Why would I put up with this - you might ask? Well the woman is a major blonde bombshell, for one. And she is a very successful business woman. So she is a better candidate than most.

    My prediction for this is, of course, that the relationship won't last. I did speak to the ex-husband once ... because I did not know who was calling me when I answered the phone. He wasn't too crazy but the ensuing texts were out of line, and I do not respond to them.

    Crazy, crazy. Ah - the life of a midlife bachelor. ha ha

  • #2're the branch she swung to. Usually when this happens, the person doing the stalkery stuff was the one that got T-Boned. He's probably checked her email, read all her social media stuff, tried to talk to her friends, etc, just trying to understand WTF just happened. My advice to you, based on hard learned experience, is block his number and don't even GF her up. Your just the first. It's your turn now. Plate, yes. Dinner companion, yes. A big fat "no" to anything beyond that.

    I know what that guy is feeling and although I never contacted the chads, I wanted to. Only drove by her house to see who was spending the night once (her other ex husband). I took comfort in the fact that I have a better truck than he does and I don't have a drinking problem.

    Avoid any all interaction. Men are white hot crazy at this time, and everyone has access to a weapon. He'll chill sooner or later, but this is between those two. White Knights get killed......more then you think. I don't care how hot or blonde she is, there are plenty more where she came from who are divorced and not just separated.


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      Sounds like great fun Greg! It seems I have been on both sides of this several times, one time when I was married and ex cheated and during dating and ofter involving the same woman haha. I would say although there are risks enjoy the ride Greg. Everything is a risk. Sure the guy could be a psycho and slash your tires and the next woman any of us date could be a nice quiet girl who burns down your house or go on an anti-_____ crusade online blah blah. You are almost certain correct Greg....probalby won't last but heck could be a lot of fun and adventures, and you are savvier than most and will know when to pull the plug.


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        As predicted, I had to put an end to the blonde bombshell relationship. The whole thing lasted maybe 10 days - the last 3 or so consisted of me telling her she needed to fix the situation with her ex-husband-in-progress texting or calling me every day. She couldn't fix it, and now she is gone. I tried to explain to her that he still controls her - but she just doesn't get it. No more blondes!!!! Back to Latinas!!! Let the auditions begin!


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          Can never go wrong with back to Latinas!