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  • Ten Year Update

    I had a brief email exchange with Greg and he suggesting that I post on the forum.......understand that I've been a member off and on for over 10 years. It's been nearly 3 years since the last wife decided to bag it and run off with her first ex-husband (BTW, the dating service I had used has been pestering me to re-activate since I quit it over a year ago and out of curiosity, I finally opened their email and voila!! There was my ex as a match!!!) I texted her and told her and let her know that her picture was "edgy". I guess her various boyfriends didn't work out.

    In the interim, I broke a heart, had my heart broken, and just said to myself, "This is stupid", and enrolled in a wine making and vineyard management program that I'm nearly done with.

    My band of 8 years blew up and I wound making two albums and I'm working on a third and this spurt of creativity has gotten me into numerous festivals and as an opener for touring "A" listers. I've done several West coast mini tours also but I just can't see doing that thing that I might have done in my 20's. I like my dog too much.

    My investments have paid off and two retirements have kicked in. A third will begin in two years so money ain't a problem.

    So in all of this excitement, I decided to buy a vineyard. Not a big one, but a vineyard that specializes in Grenache and Mourvedre grapes that are bought by a half dozen boutique wineries. I suppose I could planted marijuana but we still have bad guys with guns and the Federal government to worry about. So a vineyard, it is. It's a lot of work and you have to worry a lot about disease but it's certainly easier than owning a contracting company.

    I've already bottled my first two vintages. A Sauvignon Blanc and a Tempranillo, Syrah, Pinot blend, but these came from somebody elses grapes. I want my own. The Sauv was rated a 92 (humble brag), but the red blend was a little weaker. Needs another year to fill out.

    The funny thing is that I don't drink that much. I really don't and I prefer a really good single malt scotch over anything else.

    So, there ya go and Greg, I certainly do still like women but something flipped in my head and they're just not that important anymore.
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    Sounds like you are doing very well. Congratulations!


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      Lawnguy - it sounds like you are finding your rightful place in the universe, and that everything is working out great for you!!! That is what I call SUCCESS, and I applaud it - absolutely. You are a man of many dimensions ... and MY GUESS is that as you begin to relax in your new reality that some woman will eventually show up, and ruin it via a relationship. ha ha Keep your guard up, Brother!!!

      I hope to be where you are at - at some point in the future. I currently work huge hours, travel (for work), am gone roughly fifty percent of the time, and struggle to find time to do things I enjoy. I will say that the last three weeks or so I have been dating a brand-new 30-year old Armenian woman ... who is drama drama drama but who screws the living daylights out of me on a regular basis. I have never dated an Armenian woman before - so I don't know if they are all maniacs like this one is in the bedroom. But it is a data point that I collect nevertheless. Oh - and one nice thing about this younger lady is ... she has her own money ... she comes from money ... so I do not believe she is a gold-digger, or at least I have not seen any signs of it yet. We shall see.


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        Oh, are funny!!!! It's been balls to the wall and will remain so until after the harvest and crush.....then I get to take a break. I barely have enough time to shower than to do anything else. Perhaps this Winter after all the pruning and amending is done. Perhaps a trip to Chile or Tasmania is in order?