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The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover

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3) Try to smile, and say something positive.  If you see a group of women somewhere – and they are all about the same in terms of looks … and one of the women is smiling … tell me which of those women you will be attracted to?  Of course, the one with the largest breasts!   No, silly – I said all the women are equal in terms of looks … just that one is smiling, and the rest are not.   You will be attracted to the woman who is smiling.

The smile is the most basic positive form of non-verbal communication – it informs the world of your happiness.   And people are most often attracted to other happy people.   You as a midlife bachelor have to take a look at your overall demeanor – what default expression does your face carry?   Do you scowl?  Do you have a neutral blank look?  Are you always looking down at the ground, versus up at eye-level?  Do you look happy, or sad, or angry, or stressed?  Just like using a map, you have to understand where you are now before you can figure out how to get where you need to be.  I’m not saying you need to walk around with a stupid grin on your face – people will think you are mentally-challenged if you do.   What I am saying is that some of us need to adapt our outlook to something more positive, and create a matching overall ambiance … which includes how we look when we are walking around, how we react to life’s everyday events, etc.   Being a happy, positive person can be a huge challenge – and there are many self-help books out there to assist you, if necessary.   Since I am trying to be relatively brief here, and more thought-provoking – my challenge to you is that you become aware of yourself, and constantly reassess your persona.   Make your goal to be happy and positive, to smile more often, and to focus on saying something positive.   Give it a try, and see how much other people in general warm up to you more or warm up to you faster.   Along with everything else I’ve suggested it should help enable you to attract more women – which is one of your primary goals as a midlife bachelor.

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The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover
   Personal Appearance Rev 2.0 – look the part!
          Personal Hygiene 101
            Hygiene Challenges I've Seen
                Facial hair
                Facial complexion
                Finger nails and toe nails
                Overall cleanliness
                Cologne and deodorant
                Body hair
                Pubic hair
          Dress for Success – Fashion Ensemble 101
                New Clothes – Formal, Casual, or Somewhere in Between?
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          Fat and Happy?  What about Weight?
   Attitude Adjustment / Mental Makeover Rev 2.0
         Bad Karma / Good Karma
         Makeover Message – Spread Good Karma
                Recognize the good in everything and everyone
                Not complain but rather find solutions
                Try to smile, and say something positive
                Remain calm in dramatic situations
                Don’t appear cheap
         The Dangers of Insecurity
            Failure to look a woman in the eyes
            Constantly asking a woman out
            Calling too often
            Being too nosey
            Assuming too much about the status of a relationship
         Avoid the Ruts
                The No Date rut 
                The Wrong Girlfriend rut
         Know when to Talk and When to Listen
            Get her talking about what she is interested in
            Don't talk too much about yourself
         Learn from Others and from Yourself