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Develop a Strategy for Midlife Bachelor Success

Step 2:  Conquer the Basics and Start Dating >> Lead Generation

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Lead Generation – Finding New Women to Date
If you are like most guys, you probably have some sort of base level of women who you know already like you.  These are women who are somehow part of the routine of your daily or weekly business – and you are already aware that they are interested in you.  They are your “fan club”.   If you are outgoing and/or especially good-looking, you probably have a large fan club – and can start your dating adventure by picking from that pool of candidates.   However, if you had been married for a long-time – and/or if you have basically been a prick … then you may have a substantially smaller fan club, or possibly even no fan club to mine for dating candidates.

What do you do if you don’t have any women around who you want to go out with?  You take positive, proactive steps to generate new leads.  I use the term “leads” because I’ve been in sales for the past twenty years … and essentially “leads” are what bring you new business.   And new business is exactly what we are talking about for you, the midlife bachelor, who is short on women to date.

I say that you must take “positive, proactive steps” to generate new leads, to meet new women because it will take effort on your part.  You cannot sit at home on your couch in front of the television, and expect that women will somehow line up to meet you – that just doesn’t happen.   You may just have to break out of your comfort zone, and try new things in order to meet women.  One thing is certain – it will definitely be a major positive personal growth experience for you.  Sure breaking out of your shell, and meeting new women will have its ups and downs.  You will experience success and failure.   Your roughest times will likely be at the beginning of your journey, but take heart that good times do await you! 

Every rejection or failure makes you stronger and more knowledgeable.  If you try to meet a woman or attempt to strike up a conversation with her – and she completely blows you off, that is fine.  It is HER LOSS, not yours.   Maybe you didn’t see the wedding ring on her finger?  Maybe she was waiting for her boyfriend?  Maybe she is a lesbian?  Maybe she likes guys with tattoos and shaved heads?  Or maybe she is just a rude bitch?   Sometimes you will never know – but other times, you can later analyze a failed interaction and possibly figure out what you could have done differently.   Maybe you said something cheesy to her, and it sounded pathetic?  Maybe you looked nervous, and she thought you were some sort of freak show?  Maybe you had a booger on your face?   When you are trying to figure out what lessons you’ve learned from a particular interaction, be sure to take a hard look at yourself.  Put yourself in the woman’s shoes, and try to envision things from her point of view.   Sometimes it helps to get the opinion of a female friend on stuff … sometimes you can even take a female friend with you as your “wing man”, and get her direct input on what you are doing or saying.   Not all of us have that luxury, of course – so it might just be up to you to figure it out.   All I can tell you is that practice makes perfect – and even though no two interactions with a new woman are the same, you will become more skilled from a conversation standpoint the more often you try.

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Develop a Strategy for Midlife Bachelor Success

   Step 1:  Set your short-term & long-term dating objectives

        How long have you been single?

        Do you want to stay single?

        Are you better off being single?

        Rebound – Does fear of being single drive your behavior?

        Understanding your current needs vs your longer-term needs

        Define your objectives

               Midlife Bachelor Objective Roadmap

   Step 2:  Conquer the Basics and Start Dating   

        Developmental Dating

               Identify a Potential Date

               Asking for the Date

               The First Date with Any Woman

               Watch for Signs or Signals

                     The Look

               Saying Goodnight or Goodbye on the First Date or Two

                     Goodnight kiss

               The Three Date Rule

                     Time to Dump her?

               What’s Next After Three Dates?

        Lead Generation – Finding New Women to Date

               Get Out and Be Seen

                    Always Say Something

                          Use What You’ve Got 

                                Exploit your personal strengths

                                Minimize Your Weaknesses

                    Maximize Your Opportunities

                          Plant seeds in the overall community of women

                          Leverage your friendships

                               Go on a Blind Date

                          Pick the low-hanging fruit first

               Make use of Today’s Technology – Internet Dating

   Step 3:  Figure out what kind of woman you are looking for and date her

        How do you know what the right kind of woman for you is?

        Focus on Meeting the Right Type of Woman 

   Step 4:  Periodic Re-evaluation of your Midlife Bachelor Strategy