Fundamental Truth #9:
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Dating Women with Children can be Challenging

Key Principle #2:
Be prepared to offer to help her with anything having to do with the children.

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Recognize that all single mothers have a very tough job - they have to run their household AND raise their children.  Often times they are stretching their budgets to make ends meet.  Sometimes they have ex-husbands whose contribution to the children (financial and/or emotional) is less than optimal.  Single moms have to be a role model, a book keeper, a playmate, a disciplinarian, a chaperone, and a teacher - all at once!  These women juggle everything, and still have to try to make time for the girly things they need (like time at the salon, getting their nails done, doing the makeup in the morning, etc.)  Frankly, I do not know how they do it - but they do, and I've always been impressed.  Sometimes these single mothers can be a bit emotional or overly dramatic - but when you really sit and think about it, can you blame them?  I mean, look at everything they need to accomplish in a given week - it is truly amazing.  And it most definitely deserves our respect and admiration.

What can you (the potential new boyfriend of a single mother) do?  Maybe it is stating the obvious - but you could and should offer to help her out.  Help her in any way that she thinks is appropriate.  Notice I said to help her out in a way that SHE THINKS is appropriate, and not what you think is appropriate ... as she will know what is best for you to do under the circumstances.  It is best for her to feel comfortable with you helping her out - so try not to impose your own views upon the situation.  Better to listen than to talk - in this and many situations in a relationship!

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"Helping her out" does not necessarily mean giving her money - although that can be one way to assist her.  Most of the time, the type of help a single mother will need is more related to doing something.  You can fix stuff around her home, for example.  You can pick her up or pick her children up from somewhere.  You can help her in the kitchen. You can wash her car.  You can help her children with their homework.  You can watch her children while she goes to get her nails or hair done.  You get the idea.  I have done all of these things in my own past, and it has always worked out well at the time.  My best advice is to ask her what you can help with - she will love you for it.

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