Fundamental Truth #9:
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Dating Women with Children can be Challenging

Key Principle #3:
Be Good to the Kids and They Will Like You

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Perhaps it is stating the obvious, but if you are good to the children of a woman you are dating, those children are going to like you and enjoy you.  By being "good to the children", I mean be a happy and positive asset. Have fun with them - be interested and involved in their lives.  Get off of the couch, put that beer down, and go play with the kids.  The children will appreciate this, and will appreciate you ... which is extremely rewarding.

Small Children - Age 12 or younger.  In general, the younger the child, the more quickly the child will be accepting of you, as a new person in their life.  If you are fun, and give the child a lot of attention, the child will probably like you more quickly than otherwise.  Smaller children just need basic attention - like helping them color their coloring books, or maybe spending time with them with whatever they are in to ... like watching the current popular videos or TV shows ... or playing whatever game they are in to.  The same is true for older children (those past age four or five), but what they are in to is typically more fun for us as adults ... for example, you can play various sports with them like football or basketball or baseball ... or go rollerblading with them, etc.  Don't assume that you know what they like to do or play - ask them.  And (just as with their mothers) listen to what they tell you.

Teenagers can be all over the map in terms of what they think is fun.  Some teenagers want nothing to do with the parents (which includes you), while others are fine with doing things together.  It is important NOT TO FORCE a teenager to go somewhere with you - as they will just rebel.  You've got to talk to the Mom and to the teenagers themselves to find out if there is something you can do together that the teens would enjoy.  In my past, I've noticed that teenagers often enjoy water sports - like wakeboarding, or jet skiing.  Sometimes they like to rollerblade. Teenage girls love to go shopping - and their Mom's will love you for taking them.  Just remember to keep everything positive and fun when you take the teenagers anywhere - even when they act up.

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No matter what the age of the child - the key element I suggest you give to the child is your time.  Take them somewhere fun, or do something fun with them.  Keep the mood happy and fun and positive the entire time - and be prepared for them to "spin out" or act up.  The more fun you are, the more her children will like you - and the more important you will become in their lives.  This is all just common sense, but everyone can use the reminder.

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