Fundamental Truth #9:
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Dating Women with Children can be Challenging

Key Principle #7:
Always conduct yourself in a responsible manner around her children because you are a role model at all times

Role model
As I've mentioned before, children are the future of our nation, our community, and our family.  Children learn how to behave by observing their adult role models - so always keep that in mind whenever you are around ANY children (yours, hers, anyone's).  I don't know how many times I've seen a young child bark out the word "fuck", or some racially-offensive word, or just anything inappropriate - often startling those within an earshot.  The kid didn't learn the word on his own - he/she heard it somewhere.  Similarly, children imitate adult behavior - be it smoking, or yelling, or name-calling, or being disrespectful, etc.  Remember that YOU are the role model for any child around you - so act responsibly, and help prepare that child for a positive role in our society.  If the child is being corrupted elsewhere (like at the home of the father), then your job as a role model is that much tougher.  Commit yourself to success and excellence in your positive role model endeavor at all times, and you will have an enormous impact on that child's life.  I suppose that I have been on a soapbox lecturing you in this section of the website - and I apologize for trumpeting my highly opinionated viewpoints on the subject of children.  I would not do so if I did not think it was important.  I have seen SO MANY BAD PARENTS out in the world that if I can get just one person to change just a little, and make even a minor improvement to a child's life somewhere - then I have at least partially succeeded in spreading my message!

The fundamental truths about women and dating so far have gone all over the map, and covered a fairly large amount of ground.  I have prepared you for things to watch out for personally and from others ... I've touched on things you will need to keep in mind to optimize your midlife bachelor success ... and I've discussed the various types of women you can expect to find out there ... and how to deal with complicated things like their ex-husbands and children.  This last fundamental truth that I'm going to share with you might sound kind of trite - it might be considered to be common knowledge by many people ... but sometimes stating the obvious to a brand-new midlife bachelor is not such a bad thing.  Sometimes we need to have the obvious pointed out to us - because we are men, and often assume too much ... particularly when it comes to women.

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