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Dating Women with Children can be Challenging

Woman with Children
Dating Women with Children can be Challenging
Okay, Mr. Midlife Bachelor - you are now out in the dating world, and you find yourself about to go out on a date with a woman that has one or more children.  WHAT are you in store for?  This section is dedicated to preparing you for what to expect.  Note that an entire book could be written on this subject alone - but I'm going to give this to you in as short and concise a means as possible.  [Maybe at some point I will add a new section to this website to cover this topic in more excruciating depth?]

First of all, I believe that it is important to remember and acknowledge that all children are this world's most precious resource.  They occupy a strategic role in our society - as they represent the future of our families, our nation, and our civilization.  Always treat them with the utmost respect.  And put their welfare above any and all other concerns of everyone.  You cannot go wrong by keeping the best interest of children in mind.

Now I have to assume here that you do, in fact, like children!  If you do not like children, then you probably should not date a woman who has kids ... as dealing with her children is unavoidable.  If you are not sure if you like children, then you will figure it out fast.  Children require patience at times - but when you make them happy, and they smile - it can provide a great deal of joy in both of your lives.

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When it comes to dating women with children, you must remember that it is almost always difficult for children of any age to see their mother with anyone except their father.  In addition to the hurdle of coping with the mother and father no longer being together, you may also have to deal with jealousy on their part - as they may see the attention you receive from their mother as competing with the attention she gives them.  You also have to know that you cannot simply step into a relationship with a woman who has children, and immediately expect the children to like you - it is usually much more of a process, and the duration of that process is directly dependent upon your behavior.  It is all very complicated - and I am by no means an expert. I have not studied the psychology of children anywhere except in the school of reality.  I am certain that many experts will say that I do not give this topic of children enough time or attention in this website - but as I said before, I'm just trying to give you the highlights of what I have learned in my lifetime.  You can decide for yourself what is different about your situation, and how it can be explained and dealt with.

Let me begin with what I've learned are the seven most important principles for a Midlife Bachelor to adhere to in terms of behavior toward a woman and her children.

Seven Key Principles of Behavior when Dating a Woman with Children

  1. Don't be upset if she excludes you from being around her children.
  2. Be prepared to offer to help her with anything having to do with the children.
  3. When in the company of her children, be good to them and they will like you.
  4. Never question or differ with the opinion of the mother concerning her children.
  5. If the children act up, let the mother deal with it.
  6. Do not badmouth the father of the children, no matter what.
  7. Always conduct yourself in a responsible manner around her children because you are a role model at all times.

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