Natalia Cruz
Natalia Cruz

Natalia Cruz, anchor for Primer Impacto Extra for Univision on the weekends, has been selected as the midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for November 2016!

I recently started watching Primer Impacto Extra on Saturdays, as I currently have a part-time Spanish-speaking girlfriend who likes to watch this show.  The last time I saw Primer Impacto was quite some time ago, and it was Barbara Bermudo (midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for October 2008) who hosted it at that time, and caught my attention.  Well, I can tell you that Natalia Cruz is just as hot if not hotter than Barbara Bermudo.  Natalia Cruz is flawless!

Natalia Cruz was born in Columbia in August 1976 - which makes her 40 years old, currently.  She attended Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Columbia - majoring in Social Communications and Journalism.  She started her broadcast news career in Columbia for "CV Noticias", and later was hired as a news anchor and reporter for the TV magazine called "Extra" in Carocol, Columbia.  She came to the USA in the year 2000 and worked on HITN in New York, and later became a reporter for the morning show “Despierta America” on Univision in New York City. In 2001, Telemundo hired her as a reporter for "Noticiero 47" for affiliate WNJU where she later became a news anchor.  Since then, she has appeared as a news correspondent or anchor on Primer Impacto, Despierta America, Al Punto, Desayuno Alegre, and other shows, too.  Since 2011, she has been the weekend anchor for Primer Impacto Extra on the weekends.

We are not sure if Natalia Cruz has a boyfriend, husband, or children.  If you know her, then maybe you can add a COMMENT or two at the bottom of this page to let everyone else know.

Natalia Cruz is amazingly talented, and we applaud her career.  She has her own website which you can visit here: http://www.nataliacruz.us/#!natalia-cruz

Here is a video of Natalia Cruz in action.  Is she not flawless???  I love this video!!!

Typically at this point, we attempt to analyze our Woman of the Month pick in terms of the Midlifebachelor.com 14 Types of Women.  Which type or types do you suppose Natalia Cruz might be?  Well, she is certainly a Jackpot (see Types of Women - Jackpot) since she is a high income earner.  If you know Natalia Cruz personally and/or would to share something about her - please add a COMMENT to the comment section at the bottom of this page!


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