4 Future Predictions on How Networking Will Change for Good

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Things may never fully return back to normal once this pandemic comes to an end. Change is going to happen, but remember, not all change is bad. Let’s take a look at networking. Networking as we know it may never be the same, but we predict that the changes to networking will make it even better!


In-Person Events

When it comes to in-person networking events in Phoenix, expect some major changes to come along. For one, they probably won’t happen as often (at least right away). But luckily, when they do, they will probably be busy! However, attendees will need to follow safety protocols, at least for the next few months. You may find events to be more spread out and find that handshakes really aren’t welcomed anymore.


We are all unsure of what the future really holds, but you can bet that changes will be made, but don’t worry, in-person networking events will never go away. Happy hour networking events are just way too fun and effective!


Virtual Events

One thing we all know that is going to continue is virtual networking events. Virtual networking is taking over the world right now and we don’t see it ending any time soon. For one, it is convenient! Just be prepared for zoom meetings and other video chat services to become the new norm.


How do these events work? Well, there are a few options. For one, you can take turns presenting and then when interested in working with someone further, just send them a message! It is an easy way to get your name out there. You can also do a few virtual networking events in the time of getting in the car and driving to just one event. Networking online is also a great and efficient way to share ideas with others in the business. There are many different ways to stay connected, just think outside the box and take advantage of all the tools on the web.


Increase Communication

You can also increase communication easily by going digital. Not only is this done through networking events online, but also with social media and creating your own website. Find outlets to market yourself to the correct audience. Maybe LinkedIn is the best way to network or maybe you need to send newsletters. Try all of these avenues to find the right one for you!



Referrals are more important than ever. Most of your business may be from word of mouth. If this is the case, you really need to uphold your reputation. This includes not only the skills you provide but how you work with others. Personal interaction is crucial when it comes to a successful business relationship. Make sure you are always putting your best foot forward to keep those referrals coming!


Since networking relies so heavily online right now and will continue in the future, don’t get discouraged that things will change. Instead of being weary, embrace the changes and have faith that these changes will only make networking better!




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