Midlife Bachelor chronicles lifestyle, dating, and relationship experiences and advice to avoid a midlife crisis. Readers like you are often beyond young adulthood in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s that want to understand how dating, sex, relationships, and love fit in with our lifestyles.

Based in Chicago, both myself and contributors share timeless advice with the latest trends that are here to stay so we can all better understand how and why we experience heartache, confusion, romance, and joy with a dose of realism. Midlife Bachelor is focused beyond just dating with blog posts centered around fashion, design, entertainment, psychology, gadgets and tech, fitness, and of course shopping too. We write about new and traditional relationship skills in an effort to help our readers embrace mature habits, and rituals that came as second nature to our parents, but which to our generation have become a historical curiosity lost in our busy lives. Just think of Midlife Bachelor as the older cousin you never had – leading you to the relationships and lifestyle you never knew how to attain.

How Midlife Bachelor Got Started:

Lifestyle BlogGregory Smith put his experiences to the keyboard back in 2006 figuring out his real life dating experiences and opinions in realtime and with a tight community through his Midlife Bachelor internet forum that brought readers together. While the online forum has been paused, Gregory and contributors continue to impart their wisdom to readers

the Urban Dater is about featuring real stories and real life experiences, and in the process, hopefully imparting some wisdom to the Urban Dater’s many readers almost fifteen years later. When reading through the blog’s archives, you’ll notice a gradual maturity in the writing as Gregory and our contributors have learned so much through their own life experiences. While plenty of those experiences would never fly in 2020 – it’s so important to keep a record of how the times has changed. Midlife Bachelor has become a highly visited and well-read lifestyle blog that provides the data and education to thousands of readers each month.

How to get involved with Midlife Bachelor

Read through hundreds of blogs in the archives and email us your own questions so we can answer them in new blog posts for everyone to enjoy. We encourage other individuals and bloggers to take advantage of our guest posting opportunities. Similarly, we work with advertisers to publish anything from sponsored posts, text links, and paid guest posts.

A small army of contributors keeps the content current and modern as well. Maybe you’d like to contribute a piece? You can do that here.