How To Dress Appropriately If You Go To The Casino

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From always, the clothing has had a symbolic load. Through it, it has been relatively easy throughout history to identify the era, social class and gender of the person wearing it. It is also through clothing that one expresses one’s personality and tastes, although often we must adapt it to the type of event we are attending, whether it is a wedding, a business meeting, a birthday party or a first date.

It is not always a piece of cake to guess what to wear in all situations. A place that presents many doubts in that respect is the casino. Do you have to get dressed up to play real money roulette? Can one dress up in any outfit to play slots? Is it common for this type of room to have a label? Here we solve these and other questions that may arise when you prepare to visit a casino.

Classic style

It’s a fact that dress code one way or another can influence what your rivals at the poker table think of you. One option, then, may be to dress in a classic style, which will give you extra credibility and security. You’ll see how other players will respect you more and see you as someone who is confident in his or her chances of winning. But you must accompany this dress with an attitude that is in keeping with this. Your nerves, if any, should not be visible.

To achieve this sobriety, you should opt for discreet clothing with plain colors that do not attract too much attention. Going unnoticed could be a good game strategy. If possible, don’t wear too many accessories, although a tie or handkerchief in neutral colors could be a good choice. The same goes for haircuts: short for men, short or medium for women.

Casual style

Depending on the casino you go to, perhaps the best way to go unnoticed is precisely not to wear a jacket but to wear casual clothes. In these cases your best allies will be jeans, a white T-shirt and sneakers. Many will also bet on this combination of clothes, especially in less crowded rooms and outside the circuit of top-level casinos.

It is also advisable to take a cap with a visor and some glasses that can protect your eyes. Your eyes can reveal much more than you would wish to your opponents, but covering up your eyes will make it easier to hide your reactions when you are sure you are going to win or lose the game. In short, you can go to play poker in comfortable clothes, although it is advisable not to go with shorts, as sometimes they might not let you in.

If we had to choose two words that would help us define a casino, besides gambling, we would choose glamour and elegance. This image, largely expanded by the cinema, has always manifested itself in the garments chosen by those who are regulars at casino games.

When attending one of these venues, the first thing we must know is if the chosen casino requires some kind of etiquette, and if so, what it consists of. There are casinos that ask us to attend in a special way; jacket and shoes for men and cocktail dress for ladies and yet others leave it to the personal choice of each one. In any case, at present, this is very simple to find out, just go to their website.

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The Casino can mark four types of etiquette

Formal etiquette forces you to wear clothing appropriate for a high-profile event, usually a stylish jacket and tie for men and a cocktail dress for women.

Semi-formal etiquette involves a normal jacket, with no need for a tie. An example of this type of etiquette could be what we would wear to an important business meeting.

Casual etiquette doesn’t force anything; pretty much anything goes, but always with some taste. Fabrics in plain colors, with sophisticated but not very striking motifs, for example, are very appropriate for them. They can go to the casino combining any of their dresses with a blazer and some boots, or also with a tube skirt with an elegant blouse and high heels shoes.

No label. Anything goes. Bermudas, sandals, cotton jackets… any combination is valid in these casinos. It’s the most common in American casinos.

And, while reality demands any of these proposals, online casinos allow anyone to enter regardless of how they are dressed, what prevents us from playing a fun game of free black jack from our room and dressed in comfortable plush pajamas?

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