Tips For Travelling With High Blood Pressure

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Traveling can often be stressful for many people. If you have high blood pressure, the hustle and stress of preparing for travel can worsen your condition. However, hypertension should not hinder you from traveling and exploring all the beautiful destinations abroad. Always consult with your doctor before planning a trip to get advice on the best way to manage your hypertension while traveling. Besides medical advice, the article below will focus on the top tips you can use to keep your heart healthy while traveling abroad

Lowering Stress When Planning or Travelling 

Stress can trigger an increase in your blood pressure levels, and the best way to alleviate stress when planning or traveling is to prepare adequately. Begin the travel preparation early and make a list of everything you need to do to make your travel enjoyable. First, you can begin by researching what to expect at your departure and arrival airports to avoid any surprises that may stress you.

When preparing for a trip, the other important thing you can do is purchase the correct travel insurance. Insurance will make it affordable to see a doctor during your travel if any hypertension concerns occur. Ensure you alert your insurer about your hypertension so that they include it in the insurance cover. Moreover, ensure you understand how much medication you need for your trip and get a top-up from your doctor if you do not have enough dosage. 

Finally, on the day of travel, ensure you arrive at the airport early enough to avoid the stress from the long queues at security checks. 

Exercise and Stay Active While Enjoying Your Vacation

An ideal holiday involves relaxing under the sun on sandy beaches all day for most people. However, sparing some time for some exercise will leave you feeling much better and well-rested. If you have high blood pressure, stick to low-intensity workouts like walking, cycling, biking, skating, swimming, or hiking. Being active and exercising lowers your blood pressure, releases feel-good endorphins, gives you more energy, and dramatically lowers your stress levels. 

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Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While On Your Trip

Even while traveling, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will work wonders in reducing your blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. A healthy lifestyle encompasses eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking, and caffeine intake. 

Ensure you stick to a healthy diet while you travel by choosing menus with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Even if you decide to indulge in non-healthy food choices, do so in moderation. You may be tempted to enjoy some alcoholic drinks since you are on holiday but try not to overindulge. However, if your doctor has discouraged alcohol intake, stay entirely away and choose healthier drinks. 

Stick to the Appropriate Amount of Medication

It is crucial to follow your doctor’s hypertension prescription to the letter even when on vacation. Ensure your doctor prescribes you enough medicine to cover the entire period you will be away on your trip. Moreover, your doctor will advise you on any safety measures you should adhere to while taking your medicine and if you need any extra medication while on your travel. 


For people with high blood pressure, traveling abroad either by flying or long distance is okay if your hypertension is well managed. Ensure you take time to do simple stretches during your flight to allow smooth blood circulation in your body. Implementing the above tips is excellent for your blood pressure but always ensure you have written information about your medication and prescription and a contact person in case of an emergency. If you follow these guidelines, you should travel to as many destinations as you want without worrying about your hypertension.

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