7 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Partner

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When in love, you desire a strong and loving relationship with your partner as much as you need to breathe, eat or sleep. The beginning is usually sweet and rosy, hence, termed the “honeymoon phase”.

In this phase, you may be happy to try new activities together that range from a tantric massage to skydiving and other fun activities. This seems like it is a phase that will go on forever, providing you both with endless amounts of joy that bring you closer together.

However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows throughout. If you do not consciously make an effort to strengthen your relationship, it may deteriorate. In extreme cases, it may become toxic or come to an unforeseen end.

To help you maintain a strong, loving, and healthy relationship, here are seven ways to strengthen your bond with your partner.

  • Develop a Strong Bond

A strong bond is required to maintain a relationship. After the honeymoon phase, you and your partner will benefit more from a strong sense of unity and oneness. Get to know your partner more, from their likes to dislikes, feelings, and how they respond to things. Ensure it is vice-versa so that your partner can also establish a strong connection with you. This is why it’s important to share a lot with your partner.

  • Nurture the Bond

Nurturing a strong bond involves:

  • Treating your partner with respect, kindness.
  • Appreciating them for who they are.
  • Supporting them at all times.

Ensure your partner knows that you are reliable, as this will make them hold onto your strong bond. Mutual respect is one of the attributes of a healthy relationship, so ensure it works both ways with open communication.

  • Spend Time Together

You need to develop your connection with your partner through shared experiences. Engage in spending “quality time” with your partner to strengthen your relationship. A 15-20 mins daily session to talk and listen to each other without interruptions from others or pesky devices help strengthen relationships, building trust and facilitating a healthier partnership.

  • Express Your Feelings

Expressing your feelings to your partner serves as a source of security for your partner. When you express your feelings, you can also prevent some misunderstandings that may arise in your relationship. 

A kiss, hug, saying “I love you” or whatever love language your partner understands are ways to express your feelings, but it’s also important to discuss your aspirations, desires and goals for the future too.

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  • Compliment and Celebrate Your Partner

Compliments can help improve your partner’s self esteem and make them feel valued. Not only is this highly beneficial to your relationship, it’s also really easy to start doing. Telling them they’re beautiful or saying that you’re proud of them can make your partner’s day. 

Ensure you compliment your partner as often as you can, as well as celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions together, sharing in the joy of each special moment and continually strengthening your bond.

  • Resolve Conflicts Healthily

Every relationship is bound to have conflicts, but when resolved healthily, it strengthens your relationship instead of weakens it. Talk openly and honestly about your potential problems and give each other space to cool off if and when an argument or disagreement occurs. Don’t take too long to make up after an argument either, as this can have a negative impact on the way you handle future conflicts and, in turn, damage your relationship.

  • Intimacy Is Required

Intimacy is an incredible way to strengthen your relationship. From snuggling, to kissing, to sex, being intimate allows you to connect with your partner on a physical and emotional level. Ensure that you and your partner express your sexual desires and indulge in them. Even if you’re busy, you should communicate your sexual desires and set the mood to keep your intimacy flowing.

Bonus: Balance Your Relationship with Other Aspects of Your Life

A sense of balance is required to strengthen your relationship. You are still your person despite being in a relationship, so ensure you invest in yourself as much as you do in your relationship. 

Express and share things with your partner, but don’t quit your own life to uphold your relationship, rather healthily manage both. Make time for yourself and your personal development, so that both you and your partner can flourish.

Relationships are like plants. When watered and nurtured, they grow. When neglected, they wilt. Make an effort to strengthen your relationship with your partner with these tips and watch your relationship blossom.

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