Top Online Hobbies During Lockdowns

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In many places in the world, some people are still facing strict lockdowns, which of course, generates boredom as they cannot participate in outside hobbies and activities that they are used to. However, with the existence of the internet and all of the incredible advantages and options for entertainment it provides, it’s hardly an issue anymore that many people are forced to withdraw from their usual lifestyles. In fact, many couples decided to get divorced over the pandemic leading many to search for other ways to spend their extra time.

If you’re looking for ideas to take your offline activities online, here are some of the things that have increased in popularity in the last two years. 

Online Side Incomes 

It’s not just fun activities that people are seeking on their phones or computers. Many are also on the hunt for more ways to become productive from the comfort of home.  As such, online work is becoming increasingly in demand. Thier is no more need to even go to physical banks anymore. Everything can basically be done from a phone. It is mostly the older generation going to physical banks to open new bank account. And websites that connect users to the side income possibilities they seek are seeing a lot more traffic than usual. For example, freelancer sites where users post their gigs or seek out opportunities to earn small side incomes have seen plenty of growth in the last year or two. 

TV and Movie Streaming 

Naturally, as we’re all binging hot new shows and re-watching our old favourite movies, streaming services have experienced an incredible increase of memberships and users. Especially considering that in many places, movie theatres are still off-limits or available only to vaccinated visitors. Meaning that a large portion of the population still rely on at-home entertainment. 

Online Casinos

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Since there are limitations on brick-and-mortar casinos, many people are choosing to head online to sites like Royal Vegas instead. Unsurprisingly, once users get a taste for the convenience and other advantages of gaming online, many may not want to return to land-based casinos.

In addition to actually having slightly higher payout rates, online casinos are also known for having much better selections and lower minimums. Something highly attractive to most people who enjoy slots and table games. 

Social Media 

Naturally, social media outlets have seen an increase of activity, not just in visitors but in influencers and people using the platforms as means of earning income. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are visited by billions on a daily basis as more and more people keep up with friends and family via their newsfeeds and for you pages. 


When you can’t visit sporting venues and take in events personally, the next best thing is to get involved by having a stake in the outcomes. Online sports books are the perfect place to do this. Because they offer a convenient and flexible method for keeping up with all of your favourite events happening all over the world. In the palm of your hand, you can place live wagers, watch as they unfold and still claim all of the same advantages that online betting sites provide. 

It might be a difficult transition for most to even bother going back to the usual ways of placing sports bets. Once it’s established how much more convenient the online market is. 

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