Are Relationship Clichés Useful or Outdated?

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For many, many years, the same dating clichés have continued to resurface. Bizarrely, people often have two contrasting views of old-school advice. While some ignore them without a second thought, others religiously stick to them. In turn, this raises a question as to whether or not mainstream relationship tips are beneficial. So, with that in mind, let’s consider if dating clichés are useful or outdated.

Take Inspiration, but Think Outside the Box

While good advice will typically stand the test of time, this doesn’t always apply to dating. From one generation to another, courting is usually different because of social changes. However, that doesn’t always mean that generic advice can’t be helpful. For example, the phrase “actions speak louder than words” has longevity and will likely continue to be a cliché. That said, the actions themselves aren’t limited to traditional dating activities, such as going for a meal or playing bowling.

Of course, the perfect date is often subjective, with different people having varied preferences. Despite that, there’s no harm in thinking outside of the box now and again while taking inspiration from clichés. So, as opposed to going bowling, you could instead try go-karting or ziplining, for example.

The same applies when showing someone that you’re thinking of them. Traditionally, the idea of sending poems has become a dating cliché to express your feelings. On the other hand, you also don’t have to go to the other extreme and send something too personal, such as unsolicited pics. There are plenty of suitable alternatives to both, including forwarding a funny meme, your favorite song, or perhaps an image of your pet. Any of these follow the cliché of expressing your feelings, but they do so more lightheartedly.

Sometimes Taking a Gamble Isn’t a Bad Thing

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Fundamentally, contrary to whether you opt to follow the advice of dating clichés, their foundations are often based around being respectful. Although they don’t all apply to modern-day society, they have generally been relevant across different eras. An example of this relates to “trusting your gut”. Psychology tells us that this piece of advice is valid, with intuition being a highly sophisticated process, as per Psychology Today.

However, seeking love and becoming attached to someone is, at its very core, a risky process that can make you feel vulnerable. Because of that, there are few differences between dating and falling in love. Although this doesn’t invalidate the need to follow your gut, it perhaps shouldn’t be taken as gospel either.

Love is all about taking risks and exposing your deepest insecurities. Although this won’t occur overnight, it will likely happen eventually. As a result, there’s always an element of risk, even for those in healthy, long-term relationships. Crucially, you shouldn’t let negative thoughts or old-school clichés negatively impact your willingness to seek love.

Find A Way That Works for You When Dating

While some people can relate to the messages given in dating clichés, others will instead opt to ignore them. Of course, they don’t always apply and can lack relevancy, but it’s worth remembering that there’s a reason why specific expressions have become staples of dating culture. As a result, they’re neither unhelpful nor outdated, but, either way, following them isn’t make or break.

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