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Fundamental Truth #6
Women are Crazy

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If by now you have not recognized the fact that all women are crazy, then you need more help than this website can possibly give you.   Women are crazy – and I don’t necessarily mean this in a clinical sense.   Women are crazy in the sense that they do and think things that we as midlife bachelors will never be able to comprehend.   They look at everything from a totally different perspective than we do.   I don’t understand them myself – and I do not try to.  In fact, it is pointless to try to understand women – because just when you think you do understand them, something will cause you to recognize that you MISUNDERSTAND them.   Some women are more predictable than others – but don’t confuse “predictability” with “understanding women”.   Maybe just maybe if you are fortunate enough to be married to the same woman for thirty or forty years – then YOU MAY UNDERSTAND HER … but that understanding is limited to just that one woman, not ALL women!   [And certainly this is not the case with you – because you are a MIDLIFE BACHELOR.  If you truly understood your woman, you wouldn’t be a midlife bachelor, and you would not be reading this right now.]

Dealing with Craziness – or Not Dealing with It
The best you can possibly hope for is the ability to ride out the craziness while still maintaining your own sanity.   Often times this means appearing to agree with what they are telling you – but going along with something versus actually buying into it are really two different things.  In other words, your girlfriend might tell you something that you think is nuts – but if you just go with the flow, chances are good that the craziness will blow over after some period of time.   This works well if your woman is not acting crazy a majority of the time.   However, if you think she is acting crazy most of the time, then it is time to move on and find yourself someone new … someone who is less crazy!   Remember – women are ALL crazy … it is the degree of insanity that varies from female to female.   If you keep your sanity expectations of women low, you are less likely to be disappointed.   I’ve got some pretty good examples of common types of female craziness.  My guess is that you or someone you know really well can relate to one or more of these.

Crazy Woman Example – She is Always Upset at You
Some women are just flat out critical of everything their man does.  Many of these women appear to thrive on telling you just what you are doing wrong – and the only peace you may enjoy is when you are asleep.   This was the situation with me and a woman who I lived with, and was engaged to – her name was Regina.   I had just started a new job when Regina moved in with me – and she thought that I worked too much.   Whenever I was gone for business, Regina always thought that I was cheating on her.   If I was out with my friends, Regina thought that I was with another woman.   Whenever I was not in the same room as she was, she was going through my stuff trying to find evidence that I was cheating on her.   Guess what?  I never cheated on her – and I never would have … but her giving me such a hard time about everything really broke my spirit.  I was always tense – because I felt like I had to constantly call her, and report in with what I was doing, where I was going, who I was with, etc.  It made my life miserable.   The funny part was that Regina was absolutely gorgeous – and we had the best sex together … and since we had sex all the time, I allowed the great sex to mask my feelings about everything else.   I never really knew how much anxiety that relationship gave me until a year or so after the relationship ended.  Only then did I realize how much peace and serenity I had in my life without her.   And many anxiety symptoms I had at the time disappeared.   The moral to this particular story?  If she is always upset at you, then she has a problem – and you are likely better off without her.

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