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Fundamental Truth #7
The 14 Types of Women
All women can be divided into distinct and predominant types or categories
such as:

          7.1)  Party girl
          7.2)  High maintenance
          7.3)  Psycho
          7.4)  Dullard
          7.5)  Housecat
          7.6)  Housewife
          7.7)  Caterer
          7.8)  Stalker
          7.9)  Nymphomaniac
        7.10)  Jealous
        7.11)  Showgirl (attention whore)
        7.12)  Religious
        7.13)  The Boss
        7.14)  Jackpot

Midlife Date

Some of these categories are bad, some are good, and some can be either or both at times.   I’ll explain each of them.   A midlife bachelor has to understand and recognize each of these types so that he can be prepared to handle them appropriately, or flee the scene!

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Fundamental Truths about Women and ML Dating Today
     Consider Your Midlife Dating Objective
   Fundamental Truth #1
– Be Happy & Comfortable w/Yourself
         Spread Good Karma
         Too Eager

   Fundamental Truth #2
– Don’t Take Things Too Personally
         False Starts and Energy Conservation
   Fundamental Truth #3
– Be Careful Right Out of the Starting Gate
         Great Sex Hides the Truth
   Fundamental Truth #4
- Female friends are a Critical Asset
   Fundamental Truth #5
- Don’t Confuse NICE with INTERESTED
   Fundamental Truth #6
- Women are Crazy
      Dealing with Craziness – or Not Dealing with It
      Crazy Woman Example – She is Always Upset at You
      Crazy Woman Example – She Hates Your Friends
      Crazy Woman Example – She is Never Happy
      Crazy Woman Example – She's Obsessed w/the Way She Looks
      Crazy Woman Example – Women go for Money 1st & Foremost
      ML Bachelor Lessons Learned from Crazy Women
   Fundamental Truth #7
– Types of Women
      Party Girl
      High Maintenance
      The Boss
   Fundamental Truth #8
- You Cannot Change a Woman
   Fundamental Truth #9
- Women with Children can be Challenging
      Seven Key Principles when Dating a Woman w/Children
           1)  Don’t be upset if she excludes you from being around her children
           2)  Be prepared to offer to help her with anything having to do with the children.
           3)  When in the company of her children, be good to them and they will like you.
           4)  Never question or differ with the opinion of the mother concerning her children.
           5)  If the children act up, let the mother deal with it.
           6)  Do not badmouth the father of the children, no matter what.
           7)  Always conduct yourself in a responsible manner around her children because you are a role model at all times.
   Fundamental Truth #10
– Women Don’t Know What They Want in a Relationship