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Woman of the Month - March 2008

Veronica Romm

Veronica RommVeronica RommVeronica Romm

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Veronica Romm has been selected as’s Woman of the Month for March 2008.  Now in the past, we have mostly selected hot newscaster women either from the local Los Angeles or the national news scene.  But in this case, we made a much better choice … better in the sense that Veronica has been a dear friend to, as she has helped promote this site in various ways.   We love Veronica, and we also think she is HOT HOT HOT.  We thank Veronica for helping out in the past, and we pay tribute to her with this incredible honor of being Woman of the Month for March 2008.  

Here’s the story on Veronica.  She is hot and exotic because she is Russian.  She came to the US when she was six years old.  She went to George Washington University, and received a BA in Psychology and English Literature.    She also has a Masters degree in Education, in Psychological counseling from Teacher’s College, Columbia University.   Her work experience is extensive and includes event planning, off Broadway show producer, celebrity interviewer, Head Teacher, Admissions Advisor, Social Worker and Tutor. However, Veronica’s true passion is and always has been writing, although it took time for her to get where she is today with respect to blogging and sharing her work.   You must check out her blog sometime:

You might want to check out the article here that Veronica wrote called Breaking Up is Hard to Do on the Web 2.0. Veronica is also a poet.  She tells us that, “I write poetry, or rather poetry writes me.  I tend to use personal experience to guide my writing, and many poems are about relationships, good and bad.“

Veronica says that she is a “guy’s girl” in that she watches sports, and most of her friends are guys.  She believes women today have so much pressure from the media and society, and that this contributes to making modern women feel terribly insecure.    Veronica states that for now, she is writing and enjoying the social media where she has met great people, like the founder of  [Those were her words – not ours!]

Other interesting facts about Veronica?  She speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.  She also tells us that she is friends with all of her ex’es … which is impressive.

Typically at this point, we at attempt to analyze the Woman of the Month and guess at which of our 14 Types of Women she might be.  We have no personal experience with Russian women – so we are not aware of any stereotypes.  We do know that Veronica is definitely a Jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot) because she is intelligent and capable of pulling in a great income.   How many of our 14 Types of Women DO YOU THINK Veronica might be?

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