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What about the DO NOTHING approach?  One of my Christian friends tells me that God obviously wants me to lose my hair, and that vanity is the devil’s work.  Fortunately, I’m Catholic (a bad Catholic) – so I don’t have to buy into what that friend tells me.   Regardless, I think the jury is still out in terms of what I eventually might look like.  I mean – I don’t look bald enough at this time to shave my head.  I could currently benefit from hair transplants – but I think I should be much more bald before I take a step like that.  So maybe for the time being I go into a HAIR HOLDING PATTERN – maybe I just wait and see.

Oh - I should mention that I've tried using Propecia® ... a pill that is fairly effective at reversing the effects of hair loss. However, those pills had a particular side effect with me that was unpleasant ... it seemed to destroy my sex drive. So I could have had hair, but no sex - or less hair and sex ... so I chose less hair. I suppose I could start using Rogaine® - but I just thought that would be prolonging the bigger decisions discussed here.

Should I allow women to determine which approach I ultimately take?   MAYBE.  Right now, I’m involved with a great woman who lives with me.  She would tell me if she thought I looked like hell.  Or maybe she wouldn’t?  Maybe she is too polite?  Maybe she is afraid that I would take away the Lexus I bought for her last year?  Perhaps instead I should listen to my hairdresser – a forty-seven year old Latina who likes me a lot.  Would she tell me if I should shave my head?  I’m not sure – she and I are really good friends … so maybe she would feel like it would be rude to suggest one approach over another?  Maybe she would be afraid of losing the business I give to her?   Maybe instead of listening to either my girlfriend or my hairdresser, I should listen to several of my good female friends?   MAYBE.  I don’t know what they would say.  They don’t have to sleep with me – and they don’t have to hang around me every day.  But they have more unbiased input than the others.  If I were to bet, I’d guess that they would tell me to go the transplant route – because I’ve never ever heard any of these women say anything like, “Hey – that bald guy over there sure is attractive.”   Come to think of it, I’ve never heard any woman say something like that. 

As you can see, I am going through a MIDLIFE HAIR CRISIS.  I wonder what the majority of women in their late thirties and forties really think about the clean shaven versus hair transplant approaches.  Maybe I should be more concerned with what I, myself, think?

I looked on the web to try to find out what others think about their MIDLIFE HAIR CRISIS, and I couldn’t find much.   Here is a link to a discussion on baldness here on midlifebachelor.com:


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