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Midlife Bachelor

July 29, 2007
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Ever thought about improving your midlife complexion through one of those fancy laser cosmetic procedures that people sometimes talk about?

For some, midlife can signal a time to attempt to recapture some of the physical qualities we had in our younger years. We want to look good … we want to be attractive … we want people to see us as being attractive … and not (for example) as the chunky balding guy who looks like he spent too much time in the sun. Some of us try to improve our appearance by going to the gym in order to tone or bulk ourselves up. Others do something a little more drastic – like losing weight via a diet, or getting hair transplants, or by undergoing some other cosmetic procedure. Often times we are influenced by our midlife peers – by peer pressure … just like in high school, but this time someone isn’t offering us a cigarette to be cool – no. This time we are seeing what others look like after they have had “work done”.

I live in Southern California – an area that is much more foofy than other parts of the country. This means that people here tend to go further out of their way to look good – especially the women. Some parts of Southern California are worse than others in terms of what I am calling “foof”. If you spend any time in Newport Beach or Beverly Hills, then you will certainly see a lot of very perfect-looking people. And chances are – those perfect-looking people didn’t start out looking so perfect!

My current girlfriend is an Esthetician – someone who specializes in skin care and treatments. She is always doing something to make her skin look wonderful … and it works, as she is 39-years old and looks like a porcelain doll. Last week, she underwent some kind of blue chemical peel … which took the top several layers of skin off of her face. She did this to get rid of some very, very subtle dark spots on her skin called “hyperpigmentation”. This latest chemical peel was the most recent treatment she has undergone to get rid of those spots.

My girlfriend has been telling me for quite some time that I need to do something to get rid of the tiny spider veins that I have on my face. I have never even noticed them myself – you have to be maybe several inches away from me to even see them. [And there’s only one reason to be that close to me – if you know what I mean.] Anyway – it was never even remotely a priority UNTIL two things occurred recently:

1) I made the dumb mistake of looking at myself in one of those magnifying mirrors at the makeup counter when I was shopping with Honeybunny at Sak’s Fifth Avenue. I could clearly see what she had been talking about (spider veins) and they looked horrible under magnification.

2) One of my best friends (also named Greg) happened to mention to me that he recently had all the spider veins on his face removed via a Candella V-Beam™ laser at a local cosmetic surgeon’s office, and that it only cost him $1100 for three treatments.

Now I am a believer in fate – and I thought it was too coincidental for me to take critical notice of my own spider veins AND for one of my best buddies to “out of the blue” tell me that he had his spider veins removed. My buddy looks great, by the way – I was wondering what was different about him … I knew it was subtle … and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until he told me. So he gave me the contact info for the place that did his spider vein removal, and I made myself an appointment for a consultation.   Continued on next page >>>

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