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Erectile Dysfunction: 
Suddenly the Man You Once Were is not the Man You Are Now

One Midlife Bachelor’s Experience …

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My Advice to You Concerning E.D.
If you’ve never had a problem with E.D., then thank the lucky stars for your good fortune.  My advice to you is that you take nothing in life for granted (especially your virility), and enjoy everything as long as you can … because you never know when things might change.   If you are having problems with E.D, my advice to you is that you admit the problem to yourself and your partner immediately … and then swallow your pride, and make an appointment with your family doctor so that you can start to figure out why this is happening to you.   The first steps of admitting the problem, and making that first doctor’s appointment are the hardest.   Once you get past that, you are over the hump (pun) and on your way to some type of resolution.   Don’t look for a quick fix – remember the quick fix clinic I went to, and what they did to me.   Instead seek out your unique cause or causes, and then treat those causes … not just the symptoms.   [If I had only treated the symptoms, I would be pushing a needle into my penis every time I wanted to have sex … does that sound like fun to you?  NO!]   Get your midlife bachelor ass over to your family doctor, bring with you a list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications you take, and start the journey toward recovery.  I guarantee you will feel better about yourself than you do now.

Was it hard for me to write this important section of this website?  Hell yes it was!  Everyone who reads this (including all my family and friends) is going to know the intimate details of my personal business with respect to E.D.   Do I want to be some sort of poster boy for E.D.?  Hell no, I don’t.   But I do think this is such an important subject for midlife bachelors that I wanted to put what I’ve learned out there – so that it can help as many of you as possible.   Remember – when I first admitted that I had a problem two years ago, I did not know where to go … where to turn … especially since I could not discuss it with anyone I knew without embarrassing myself to an extreme degree.  I wrote this section of the website with myself in mind – it would have been very helpful to me two years ago to have read something like this … it would have given me at least an idea of the causes and treatments and options.  Hopefully you have found this information useful, my midlife bachelor brother.


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Erectile Dysfunction: One Midlife Bachelor’s Experience
   The Horror of Erectile Dysfunction
   The Quick Cure – Holy Shit
        The Real Shocker
   Time to Rethink the Medical Strategy
        My Family Doctor’s Input
             Current medication I was taking
             Alcohol consumption
             Something psychological
             Boredom with my current girlfriend
             Some other medical condition
             Some combo of the previous 6 potential causes mentioned
        The Urologist’s Input
             Holy Hormones
             Finding the Right Daily Dose
             I’m Cured?
        Going BALD?  The Impact of the Dermatologist
             Clash of the Prescription Medications
        The Psychiatrist’s Input
             The Boredom Factor
        Natural Medicine – Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
        Human Growth Hormone Therapy?
   Where I’m Personally at Right Now with Respect to E.D.
   My Advice to You Concerning E.D.